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Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Weighs In On The Possibility Of An Arya Stark Spinoff

A good 90% of "Game of Thrones" is considered some of the best television in entertainment history — with the final season being a largely hated failure in contrast. To this day, fans of the show are still fantasizing about how they wish the series would have ended. But whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny that for at least seven seasons, "Game of Thrones" spawned some very memorable characters — especially Arya Stark.

Arya became a fan favorite on the show after her father Ned (Sean Bean) was unjustly executed right before her eyes, an act of violence that sends her on an epic quest for equally violent vengeance. She ends up sailing halfway around the world to learn how to become a highly trained assassin, whispering the names of her future victims to herself every night like a child saying their prayers. Fans were so enamored with her character that there are dozens of Reddit threads just like this one clamoring for an Arya spinoff. But will it ever happen? The actress who plays her, Maisie Williams, recently gave her own two cents on the subject in an interview with British GQ Magazine. And fans may be intrigued by what she had to say. 

A girl has no desire to do a spinoff (right now)

Speaking to British GQ, Williams said that if she ever comes around and agrees to do an Arya-centric spinoff, it will have to be at the right time with the right people. But her demeanor was described as favorable while she was delivering the message. Her statement was generic enough that it's probably safe to assume that there isn't anything in the works at this time, but that wonderful things could happen if the stars ever happen to align in a favorable manner.

In a lot of ways, it's smarter to hold off on any more "GoT" spinoffs or prequels for now. HBO is still licking its wounds from the disastrous final season, and they already took a $30 million hit from filming a pilot episode for the failed prequel "The Long Night" (via the New York Post). The "House of the Dragon" prequel is still on its way, of course, and it'll be interesting to see how many fans stick around to give it a chance. If "HotD" manages to bring the franchise back to life, maybe a spinoff featuring Arya would be a good idea. But until we know for sure what HBO is capable of delivering, Williams' cautious, yet excited temperament is probably the best approach.