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What Has Carl Weathers Been Up To Since Chicago Justice Was Canceled?

Carl Weathers is a Hollywood icon. His pedigree as an actor dates back to the 1970s with a slew of appearances on TV shows and movies. However, the world came to know him as the immense talent he is when he played Apollo Creed in 1976's "Rocky." It's a role he would reprise on several occasions in between stints on primarily action-oriented fare. 

He's kept plenty busy in the 21st century, too, most notably with roles in some of his biggest TV roles to date with parts in "Arrested Development," "Colony," and "Chicago Justice." If that last title sounds familiar, that's because it was part of NBC's "One Chicago" franchise, which also includes the likes of "Chicago Fire," "Chicago P.D.," and "Chicago Med." However, whereas those shows have enjoyed multiple seasons, "Chicago Justice" was canceled after just one to make room for other types of programming on the channel. 

While it was disappointing for anyone who wanted to see more of Weathers as Mark Jefferies, the actor hasn't done too shabby in the aftermath of the cancellation.

Carl Weathers went to a galaxy far, far away

Carl Weathers hasn't done too shabby for himself in light of the cancelation of "Chicago Justice." In fact, many would say he's gone through a bit of a resurgence in his career that may not have been possible if he had stuck around Chicago. He's gotten ample voiceover work in the likes of "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" and "Toy Story 4." However, in recent years, his most prominent role would arguably be Greef Karga in "The Mandalorian."

Greef is the leader of the bounty hunter guild and the one who provides Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) with his assignments, including the one that led him to The Child, a.k.a. Grogu, a.k.a. Baby Yoda. While he goes back and forth between being an ally and a foe to Din in the first season, he's a full ally by the second, with the gang even going on a quest to help protect Grogu.

Appearing as Greef isn't the only way Weathers has aided the "Star Wars" franchise. He also directed the Season 2 episode, "The Siege," and it's been reported he'll return to the director's chair for the show's highly-anticipated third season (via Collider). When it comes to bouncing back from a TV show's cancelation, this is the way.