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New Inhumans Trailer Unveils A Radically Different Hairstyle For Medusa

Well, that's one way to shore up the CGI budget.

The newest Inhumans teaser from ABC and Marvel Television offers some more looks at the CGI effects that convey the powers of the Attilan Royal Family, from a butterfly-winged Inhuman fluttering through the air, lots of Lockjaw teleportation, and some Medusa hair strangling. 

It's more new footage that we haven't seen before from the upcoming series, but the most shocking part of it comes at the very end, when Medusa (played by Serinda Swan) appears from behind a school bus to lay a vengeful smackdown on Auran, head of the Attilan Royal Guards (played by Sonya Balmores). You'll know the moment when you see it. Medusa has no hair!

This is something that happened in the comics, but it's still a surprise to see since we know that her superpower is having really strong hair. It grows back quickly, too. Why Medusa is fighting a fellow Inhuman is another mystery. Could she be loyal to Maximus, usurper to the throne? There's so much infighting in this family. 

The first two episodes of Inhumans will premiere in IMAX theaters for a two-week theatrical run on September 1, followed by the series premiere on ABC on September 29. It will run for eight episodes. Til then, check out our list of actors who refused big Marvel roles.