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Wormwood Trailer Exposes Mind-Control Experiments Of The CIA

Truth can be stranger than fiction, and sometimes, the most insane possible scenario is what really happened. 

Wormwood, a new six-episode true crime miniseries from Netflix, will explore the bizarre and lethal truth of the CIA's LSD-based mind-control experimentation program MKUltra, and you can watch the first trailer for the show now.

Focusing on the mysterious death of military scientist Frank Olson, the series comes from acclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris, who has produced some of the best documentary films ever made over the course of his forty-year career, including Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, and the Academy Award-winning The Fog of War. His trademark style of head-on, confrontational interviews will be blended with dramatic scenes, making for a hybrid of real-life interviews and high-quality dramatized reenactments with a cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard, Jimmi Simpson, and Tim Blake Nelson.

Wormwood premieres on Netflix on December 15. Check out the trailer above, and if you can't get enough of true-crime stories (and sometimes-dubious dramatic reenactments), check out our feature on the longest-running true-crime series around, in our look at the untold truth of Forensic Files.