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The Arrowverse Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When "Arrow" debuted in 2012, no one could have predicted that it would spawn an entire interconnected universe known as the Arrowverse — especially considering how Oliver Queen didn't even sport the iconic goatee like his comic book counterpart. Since then, Supergirl, Flash, Black Lightning, Batwoman, and Superman have all received their own shows and appeared in some of the most epic and highly rated crossover events to have ever aired on television. Lest we forget, all five episodes of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover were so popular that they were packaged and released on a singular DVD (via Digital Spy). The fact that the Arrowverse is still going strong a decade after its inception is simply testament to this ambitious project's lasting success. 

Featuring a host of colorful and diverse characters, the Arrowverse is certainly not short on personality or flair. Naturally, we gravitate towards some heroes and villains more than others since we identify a little bit of ourselves in them. According to astrology, these traits and characteristics are more than mere coincidences — they're linked to the 12 zodiac signs and what they say about our psyches. With that said, let's suit up and find out which of the World's Finest we are most similar to based on our birthdates. And spoiler alert: no one is Batman, because he's still bat-persona non grata in the Arrowverse. Sorry, Batsy!

Aries: Batwoman (Ryan Wilder)

Stepping into Kate Kane's boots was never going to be a stroll in Gotham City, but Ryan Wilder does it with style and pizzazz. She didn't just become the new Batwoman by putting on the cowl — she embraced everything about being the hero. No matter the obstacle in front of her or how scary it might seem, she has remained fearless and uncompromising as a warrior. During a DC FanDome interview (via Entertainment Weekly), Javicia Leslie revealed how she was drawn to the part of Ryan since they're incredibly similar. "I loved the idea that it's like goofy meets badass meets a person who doesn't like to be told what to do, a person who does not like to follow the rules," Leslie said.

As per Co – Star, these are the same traits most identifiable with the Aries star sign. An Aries is naturally drawn to the action, as they have bundles of energy to spare and enjoy the impulsiveness of living in the moment. At the same time, they're courageous in the face of adversity and aren't afraid of doing what's right in their mind, despite the danger of the situation or being told it's a bad idea. However, one of their biggest weaknesses is that they don't always know their limits, which could be an issue if they sometimes try to go at it alone.

Taurus: Green Arrow

Ah, Oliver Queen. How many times have we screamed at the TV because of him? His heart might be in the right place, but he is also as stubborn as a bull in his mission to save his city. It causes friction between him and his many cohorts as he often refuses to budge in his beliefs of how justice needs to be served — even when it is clear that he is doing it wrong. That said, he is loyal and committed to those he trusts, becoming a valuable ally to friends and an immovable object to his enemies.

The Green Arrow displays all the signs of a typical Taurus, as per Allure. A Taurean believes in total devotion to what they do. If something matters to them, they pursue it with an unmatched drive and purpose, refusing to accept any hurdles in their path. To outsiders, though, this comes across as bullishness, inflexibility, and a one-track mind. At the end of the day, however, one would want a Taurean in their corner rather than against them due to their hotheadedness and ferocious determination to succeed.

Gemini: Cisco Ramon

How is it possible to not like Cisco Ramon? Even in the toughest situations, he can make us smile. However, Cisco has never just been the comedic relief of "The Flash," as his superior intellect makes all the difference. He solves problems that others don't even see to begin with, becoming the brains of Team Flash in the process. Actor Carlos Valdes expanded on what truly makes Cisco special to DC, saying, "He has this wide-eyed quality about him where he becomes enraptured in anything that happens that's out of the ordinary. He puts stock in extraordinary things, especially after Barry Allen comes into his life and he sees the impossible."

If Cisco were to fall under any star sign, it would certainly be Gemini. As per Cosmopolitan, a typical Gemini is all about chattiness, intelligence, and high energy. They're normally the most likable people in a room since they can connect with everyone on a personal level. On the negative side, they're also notorious gossips, which is something that Cisco tends to partake in as well.

Cancer: The Flash

As the fastest man alive, it's a running gag how the Flash can't seem to keep to his own appointments. However, that isn't due to Barry Allen lacking respect for anyone's time — it's the opposite. He cares about people and will do anything to protect them, even if it results in him having to make many personal sacrifices. While many people believe the Flash's greatest quality is his super-speed, it's actually his huge heart.

According to InStyle, Barry possesses the main traits of the Cancer star sign. Cancers are renowned for having the biggest hearts and being considerate of others. They'll always find the time to be there for the people they hold near and dear, as their compassionate nature shines through in everything they do. In terms of weaknesses, their emotional nature is a double-edged sword here, as they can become extra sensitive if they perceive something in the wrong way. Words matter to them, so it's important to consider what is said to a Cancer before saying it.

Leo: Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

Watching Laurel Lance go from a Star City lawyer to the Black Canary was an eye-opening experience. Her transformation from an upholder of justice into a vigilante brought out qualities that were always there but never quite visible on the surface. Her leadership, fierceness, and self-confidence rose as she screamed her heart out and burst the eardrums of criminals with her sweet sonic melody. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Katie Cassidy explained that her character isn't a well-trained hero in the Arrowverse, but that's what makes her even more relatable and appealing. "Even though it's messy, you can tell there's fire," she said. "She has some skill, but she's not trained. But then she proves herself because she has so much heart and drive."

Like a Leo, Black Canary finds an inner strength that makes her powerful and inspirational. As per Astrology-Zodiac-Signs, a Leo doesn't just embody the lion but also the element of fire. They are able to take charge and become the center of attention in whatever they do. Much like the Black Canary, a Leo will always ascend to their rightful status as the king or queen of the pack.

Virgo: Felicity Smoak

Like Cisco for Team Flash, Felicity Smoak is the brains of the operation in Team Arrow. Not only is she a brilliant mind who sees how to break down every problem into manageable ones and zeros, but she also genuinely cares about her teammates and their wellbeing. In fact, it can be argued that she is Oliver's moral compass whenever he goes astray, guiding him back home.

Felicity's ability to look at everything on a granular level makes her the perfect Virgo, according to PureWow. Her impeccable attention to detail makes her the right person to notice and fix issues as Felicity attempts to make the world around her a better place — again, as a Virgo would. Simultaneously, this is a Virgo's biggest weakness since their obsession with fixing everything can lead to them becoming their own worst enemies. They become highly critical of themselves when they aren't able to solve a problem and hold incredibly high standards that aren't always realistically attainable. Fans see this in "Arrow" numerous times as Felicity becomes despondent when she isn't able to solve a problem soon enough or help someone in need.

Libra: Superman

The Libra's symbol is a scale. It's no coincidence since this zodiac sign is all about a balanced approach, particularly taking note of fairness in this world, according to Allure. For a Libra, the power of the collective is more important than the sole individual as they strive for a harmonious society built on truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.

That last bit was a dead giveaway about who best fits this astrology sign, right? While the symbol on Superman's chest might mean hope on his home planet of Krypton, he may as well change it to Lady Justice's scale since he believes in its symbolic representation as much as anything else. Kal-El is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but his power means nothing to him if he isn't able to use it to inspire and create a much more desirable world for every citizen. He truly is the Man of Tomorrow, always thinking about how today's actions impact the next day. This is particularly evident in "Superman & Lois," as he juggles life as a hero, father, husband, and important member of the Smallville community.

Scorpio: John Diggle

In mindbodygreen's description of a Scorpio, it says that the star sign's "energy is mystical and mysterious." Isn't that the perfect description of John Diggle? Even when he first appeared as Oliver's bodyguard, there was something precarious about him, as if his history held a vital clue to his importance in the Arrowverse. For years, the showrunners teased fans who were convinced that he might secretly be John Stewart, aka the Green Lantern. Eventually, this is all but confirmed when it is revealed that he had a stepfather with the surname Stewart. And it isn't too long afterward that he discovers the Green Lantern's power ring, too.

Apart from the secretive aspect of Diggle's personality, he also shares many other characteristics of a Scorpio. He appears calm under pressure, never flinching when the going gets tough, providing comfort and peace of mind to those around him. Underneath the surface, though, he suppresses a lot of his emotions and fears, which tend to boil over after he internalizes too much — another trait that Scorpios are all too famous for.

Sagittarius: Harrison Wells

There's a Harrison Wells in all of us. Well, that might actually be true since he has more variations than Rick and Morty running around the Arrowverse. While each variant has its own quirks and eccentricities, there's a common thread in all Harrisons: intelligence and diligence. Whenever he's a part of Team Flash, they immediately feel his value as a teacher and mentor.

Unsurprisingly, that's one of the main personality traits of a Sagittarius, according to Yahoo. This star sign is known for being highly intelligent, capable of inspiring real change, and willing to impart their knowledge to their inner circle. Unlike other signs that might hold onto information to make themselves more important, a Sagittarius has no issue explaining their thinking process or logic. That said, their desire to teach can come across as forceful to some and they're known to hop from idea to idea, making them appear somewhat chaotic to an audience.

Capricorn: Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce isn't only a hero when he puts on the superhero outfit and becomes Black Lightning. As a school principal, he changes and shapes many young lives through the power of education and by showing his students that there is someone who believes in their potential. At home, he is also a super dad as he does everything for his daughters, Jennifer and Anissa. Through his actions, Black Lightning leads by example, proving that consistency, discipline, and responsibility are all characteristics that define him.

According to PrepScholar, these are also the cornerstones of a Capricorn. This astrological sign understands the importance of walking the walk and living the values they believe in. A Capricorn prides themselves in being a role model and upholding high standards of behavior. On the flip side, they can be rigid and expect too much from other people while also burying themselves in their work. Relating this back to Black Lightning, his obsession with his superhero work is one of the core reasons for the collapse of his marriage in the first place.

Aquarius: John Constantine

Everyone needs a John Constantine in their life. He isn't the kind person who tries to fit in and be like everyone else. He's an original, a trailblazer, but despite his unique personality, there's no disputing he's a remarkable character that holds exceptional qualities and a rebellious heart. And which is the rebel star sign of the zodiac?

According to Well+Good, an Aquarius is a free spirit that cannot be contained by society's silly standards. They live life on their own terms and spit on the rules, believing that life should be an adventurous journey without the need for limits or direction. Some might say there's even a little bit of magic in them as they create their own realities. Constantine is the picture definition of an Aquarius, reveling in his freedom and going where he pleases. While he does have a tendency to be a loner and non-committal to people and situations, he doesn't shirk responsibility and shows up when his friends need him the most.

Pisces: Supergirl

According to Zodiac Fire, a Pisces often feels like they're living on a different planet, which is exactly what Kara Zor-El is doing, having come from Krypton to Earth. Supergirl might seem different and lost at times, but it's simply because she's living the fish-out-of-water experience in real-time. More importantly, she possesses the other main Pisces traits of a generous heart and bringing out the best in the other people around her.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Melissa Benoist discussed the importance of a character like Kara and a series like "Supergirl" beyond the super-heroics and juggling a secret identity with a normal life. "What this show is really about and what's important about it is how much good she's trying to spread and the power of her positivity and what she was sent to Earth to do and living up to that," she said. Undoubtedly, the six season show proves it isn't only Kara's superpowers that make a difference, but her attitude to inspire that leaves the biggest mark on the Arrowverse.