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This Moon Knight Fan Theory Explains Why We Don't Have A Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Yet

There's no better way to build hype for an upcoming film than to release an awesome trailer. These teasers sometimes get as much build-up as the movie's release itself, especially when it's related to something as significant as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That's why it's odd we still haven't received a trailer for "Thor: Love and Thunder." The next installment of the MCU comes out on July 8, just a couple of months after "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." It's now less than three months until "Love and Thunder" makes its way to theaters, and things have been awfully quiet on the promotional front. It's enough to have fans wondering, "What's going on?"

Of course, waiting for big trailers is nothing new. Social media practically exploded last year in the lead-up to "Spider-Man: No Way Home," although that makes sense. There were a ton of cameos and references in that movie they obviously wanted to keep secret for as long as possible. But now, "Thor: Love and Thunder" broke the record for the distinction of the shortest span of time between the trailer's release and the film coming out (via IGN). Wherever there's confusion, fan theories are bound to emerge, and one Redditor thinks they've come up with an explanation as to why the "Thor: Love and Thunder" trailer isn't here yet.

Could Thor: Love and Thunder hold a spoiler for Moon Knight?

Redditor u/punitr1983 believes there's a simple explanation for why "Thor: Love and Thunder" doesn't have a trailer as of this writing. It could all have to do with the fact that a couple of other Marvel projects on the horizon could tie into the forthcoming "Thor" flick in a way we don't understand yet. It's possible "Doctor Strange 2" could have plot points related to "Love and Thunder," but the user doesn't see that as likely. Instead, they offer this theory, "I think Gorr [the God Butcher] is going to make an appearance in ['Moon Knight'], maybe as a post-credit scene, after the climax of the show, and kills all of the Egyptian Gods except Khonshu who is safe in Marc/Steven's body."

Gorr ties directly into Marvel's gods, and there have even been rumors Bast, the Black Panther goddess, could pop up in Thor's next film (via The Direct). It would certainly make sense for some Egyptian gods to enter the mix, as well, for Gorr to potentially battle against and/or destroy. Many people seem to think the theory has some merit, but others aren't quite so sure, with u/badwolfpelle writing, "They have said there's no MCU references in moon Knight at all." Then again, who knows if that's accurate? Remember when Paul Bettany said he worked with an actor he always wanted to work with on "WandaVision," only for it to turn out to be himself?

Marvel certainly won't release "Thor: Love and Thunder" without a trailer, so for now, patience is the best virtue.