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Tsunade's Greatest Weakness You Likely Forgot About In Naruto

Lady Tsunade Senju is easily one of the most powerful ninjas depicted in "Naruto." As one of the legendary three Sannin, she played a large role in the Land of Fire's military endeavors from the time of her youth. During that time, she pioneered a variety of medical techniques and established a code for the first official medical-nin. She is also an incredibly dangerous fighter, with an extreme level of physical strength and the ability to summon slugs (both large and small) to aid her in battle. Like another of her fellow Sannin, Jiraiya, Tsunade was considered a prime candidate for the office of Fifth Hokage, accepting the position after Jiraiya refused and leading the Hidden Leaf Village until Kakashi Hatake replaced her as the Sixth.

While Tsunade would not be considered the strongest opponent by the end of "Naruto," she is still ranked among the more formidable shinobi in the series and displays very few weaknesses while in battle. However, she's still not invincible. Tsunade has a variety of weaknesses in "Naruto" that you likely forgot about. Although, some of her greatest weaknesses have nothing to do with her ability to fight.

Tsunade is a hemophobic, alcoholic gambler

By far Tsunade's biggest crutch in the "Naruto" universe is her fear of blood. Though it seems counterintuitive for a ninja, especially a medical-nin, to be hemophobic, Tsunade is often visibly shaken at the sight of blood. In her fight against Kabuto and Orochimaru in Episode 95 of "Naruto," Kabuto actually restrains Tsunade by coating her in his own blood, causing her to be paralyzed in fear. Luckily, she manages to overcome these fears when the situation gets dire, as she later moves to protect Naruto in the battle despite the blood.

Aside from her hemophobia, Tsunade has a number of personal flaws that, despite being serious issues, don't really interfere with her ability to fight or lead the Village. For instance, she is a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic, often blowing all her money on booze and slot machines. She is also vain to a fault, abusing her medical ninjutsu to postpone the aging process. By the time we meet Tsunade in the show, she should be in her 50s or 60s, but she appears as if she were in her 20s or 30s.

Nevertheless, Tsunade's alcoholism, gambling addiction, and vanity have no real effect on her job, and those around her do not see them as issues. In fact, they're mostly played for jokes. In combat, blood seems to be her kryptonite, but even that isn't really capable of stopping Tsunade Senju.

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