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The Big Hinata Victory We Never Got To See In Naruto

"Naruto" is a series brimming with some of the most unique and dazzling ninjas to hit the anime world. The amount of notable characters that fans tend to hold dear from the series is astonishing, to say the least — and almost certainly a testament to series creator Masashi Kishimoto's knack for creating characters that people just want to cheer for. 

Perhaps one of the best examples is the Byakugan Princess, Hinata Hyuga. Throughout the series, Hinata goes from being timid — and usually unsure of herself — to becoming expertly skilled in unlocking some of the Hyuga clan's most advanced techniques. By the end of "Shippuden," in fact, she has become way more dangerous in fighting any threat to her, Naruto, or even Konoha. Speaking of "Shippuden," it's during the "Pain Arc" where the beloved character gets her famous breakthrough moment as she finally confesses her feelings for Naruto and attempts to protect him from Pain. Even though her abilities at this point have grown significantly, she ultimately proves to be too little a match for Pain. Still, the moment is considered a huge victory as it expertly marks her growth as a character. 

Hinata has a few other notable achievements to be proud of, but with that said, closer examination reveals that there's one fun and quirky victory of hers that we never technically got to see in "Naruto."

Hinata is a champion ramen bowl eater

Naruto made himself known throughout the series as one of the ultimate connoisseurs of a good bowl of ramen. In between missions, it wasn't uncommon to find the ninja slurping the delicacy to completion over at Konoha's Ramen Ichiraku. While it's clear that he's put away his fair share of the dish, the truth is when it comes to holding the record for most ramen bowls put away ... well, that title actually goes to his beloved wife, Hinata. 

In the "Boruto" episode, "A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family" (via Crunchyroll), the Hokage takes his son out to Ramen Ichiraku, where the pair witness Chōji and Chōchō challenge the throne for the most ramen bowls eaten. However, the two fall short of topping the record holder, whose nickname is the "Legendary Queen of Gluttony." When Boruto asks his dad who the actual record holder is, Naruto simply points to a photo on the wall — that reveals it's Hinata. 

Sometime between "Shippuden" and "Boruto," Hinata managed to eat a staggering 46 bowls of ramen. Apparently, the depth of her love for Naruto is as bottomless as her stomach. While the spectacular eating feat didn't technically appear in a canon episode of "Shippuden" beforehand, it did show up as an omake short in one of the episodes (via Iam Nubiee on YouTube). The omake clips are usually non-canonical comedic bits at the end of anime episodes, but the ramen-eating contest omake does stick to the fact that Hinata wolfed down 46 bowls. Perhaps the "Boruto" series figured it was too awesome of a feat to not officially (and visibly) make it canon. In any case, it's just another reason why Naruto and Hinata seem so perfect for each other.