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Ambulance's Eiza Gonzalez Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Starring In A Michael Bay Film

You know you've made it as a director when your films become synonymous with a given style. Christopher Nolan is known for cerebral movies. Wes Anderson is all about stylized symmetry. And Michael Bay offers explosive, dynamic action flicks where you shut your brain off for a couple of hours and enjoy all of the mayhem — no, Bayhem — that takes place onscreen. That's right; the director has earned his very own noun to describe the level of insanity he brings to his films. 

The result is movies that are a ton of fun to watch, especially on the biggest screen possible in an auditorium filled with people. But what's it like actually to shoot one of his films? Eiza González, who stars in the latest Bayhem flick, "Ambulance," sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her role, and in the process, she offered her take on what it's like to star in something that's unlike any other action movie out there.

Eiza González calls Ambulance 'a different kind of Bayhem'

If you think it's intense to watch a Michael Bay film, it should come as no surprise to hear that it's an even grander challenge to try to film one. That's precisely what Eiza González learned on the set of her newest movie. As she describes it, "It was utter Bayhem all around, but it was a different kind of Bayhem. It was like having golden hour 24/7." 

She goes on to explain how in most action movies, there are quieter moments to balance out the heavier sequences. But with "Ambulance," that wasn't the case. It was pedal to the metal at all times, which González goes on to discuss how that impacted the viewing experience: "The practicality of being on an ongoing ambulance in the middle of traffic, on a highway and driving full speed, really added this layer to the film which gives the audience this feeling that they're part of the film."

Director Michael Bay noticed that, too. In a separate interview with Screen Rant, Bay discussed watching the audience during "Ambulance," "I've seen it with big audiences, and it's real palpable. And you watch 350 people, and if you watch their body language, directors do that, when they're like this, that means they're really into it." Based on several accounts now, people are truly into "Ambulance," and it proves the power of the Bayhem is alive and well.