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Elden Ring: How To Find Boc The Seamster's Quest

"Elden Ring" has been resoundingly successful, so much so that FromSoftware has plans to keep it going beyond its current iteration. There are not enough good things to say about the stunning open-world action-adventure RPG, at least if one were to ask critics or take a glance at the soaring sales numbers.

Part of the appeal of "Elden Ring" is just how much there is to explore within the Lands Between. While its creators say the game can be beaten in about 30 hours, many players have found that it offers dozens of hours beyond that estimate. The variability has to do with the challenging nature of the game on top of how many secret stories and hidden areas there are to explore.

One quest, in particular, is guaranteed to pull on players' heartstrings, and it involves NPC demi-human Boc the Seamster. As reported by Kotaku, Boc's quest was originally quite easy to miss until FromSoftware made some significant yet subtle updates to make him easier to find. Now, players can hear Boc's voice from farther away in their first encounter with him, and there's an additional rare item to further draw players in towards his hidden area. Even though he's easier to spot than before, players still need a few key details to find this little guy in a great big world.

Boc's Hiding Places

Boc's quest can help players get free equipment alterations, but it's so much more than that. His story is about accepting his appearance after being kicked out of a community of other demi-humans, and it provides an emotional contrast to some of the more bloody and brutal encounters throughout "Elden Ring."

Finding Boc isn't too hard if one knows where to look. Though he can be found in other places later on, players must first encounter the Seamster in Limgrave, east of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. Unfortunately, he's been turned into a tree, though a simple attack will break his curse. Next, players will need to go to the Coastal Cave, which further progresses Boc's story.

After this point, the next encounter with Boc will allow players to reap the benefits of equipment alteration. It all depends on how players progress through the game where they find him next, and there are a variety of places he may appear, which will become clear as players make their way through the world.

For those who find themselves getting turned around in the vast landscape of the Lands Between, this super-detailed map may be of service for Boc the Seamster's quest and beyond.