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Chicago Fire's Showrunners Reveal If Gabby Dawson Will Be At The Stellaride Wedding

The "Chicago Fire" family has gone through plenty of departures and arrivals over the years. However, few hit as hard as when Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) left the station to run a rescue-and-relief unit in Puerto Rico. It was a devastating blow for fans, but as viewers of procedurals know all too well, someone may leave temporarily, but they're always part of the family. After Dawson's leaving, she's returned a couple of times over the years to say hello, and it's only natural for audiences to wonder when she might return next.

After all, there's a pretty significant development on the horizon with the marriage of Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). It's been a long time coming, seeing how the couple first started dating in the Season 4 finale. The question then becomes: Will Gabby Dawson return to Chicago to see her old friends get married?

Gabby Dawson will not return for Stellaride's wedding

The Season 10 finale of "Chicago Fire" is set to air on May 25 (via TV Line), and with a wedding on the horizon, there's plenty for fans to look forward to in the next month. The showrunners have even been stoking audiences' anticipation, answering fans' questions for "One Chicago Day," an annual day where NBC celebrates all things related to its "One Chicago" franchise.

They managed to offer a tease as to one familiar face who will return for the season finale. Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) left the show in Season 10 during the episode "Two Hundred," when he goes off to Oregon to take care of Andrew Darden's sons. However, those behind the scenes promised, "We're really excited to try to get [Matthew Casey] back for this finale. I think Casey appearing for a finale, a wedding, whatever may be happening would be fantastic." 

However, they're quick to shoot down the return of Dawson. Then again, they may just be playing coy to make sure fans don't expect a major reunion. After all, Casey and Dawson dated for quite a long time, so it would be a genuine pleasure for audiences to see them together on screen once again.