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The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 - Release Date, Trailer, And Challenges

British reality shows are far different than what we get in the United States. Whereas we have the likes of "Hell's Kitchen," where competitors race against clocks and risk getting yelled at for doing an insufficient job, British television has "The Great British Bake Off," which is far more easygoing. There are winners and losers like every competitive reality show, but it's so much warmer and more inviting. It's the perfect kind of TV show you can put on and enjoy without feeling the anxiety build up in your stomach. 

In that same vein has arisen a new reality show you can put on when you feel like unwinding — "The Great Pottery Throw Down." As the title suggests, contestants are tasked with making the best pottery possible before being judged by a panel of experts. It's a good bit of fun that people in the States can now enjoy since it's been made available for viewing through HBO Max. And with a fifth season on the horizon, here's everything you need to know about the next installment of "The Great Pottery Throw Down."

What's The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 release date?

"The Great Pottery Throw Down" Season 5 has already aired on British television, so you should be careful when looking anything up about the show online if you want to avoid spoilers. However, the question then becomes when people stateside will be able to check it out. The answer is sooner than you might think, seeing how HBO Max released a teaser trailer giving us a quick glimpse of the upcoming season that comes with the release date announcement for the streaming platform.

The next season of the British pottery show will air on HBO Max starting on April 14. From then, you'll be able to stay in the loop, remaining glued to your television set for 10 new episodes that will showcase the very finest in pottery-making.

Where's the trailer for The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5?

As mentioned previously, the trailer for "The Great Pottery Throw Down" Season 5 is out for all to see. It was released on April 7, and it clocks in at a brisk 99 seconds, allowing you to get hyped for the next installment of the series. 

As the trailer mentions, each episode will see the contestants compete within a different challenge. They only have a limited amount of time, sometimes as little as 90 minutes, to sculpt a beautiful piece out of clay, harden it, and paint it to create something extraordinary. They'll be judged for their efforts by master potter Keith Brymer Jones as well as ceramics expert Richard Miller. 

The trailer offers a small sampling of the items the contestants will produce throughout their time on Season 5, and many of them are quite stunning. Of course, there can only be one winner, so based on the first episode, you'll have to determine for yourself who you think has what it takes to be a "Great Pottery Throw Down" champion.

What challenges will occur on The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5?

The following contains minor spoilers for "The Great Pottery Throw Down" Season 5.

The trailer mentions how 12 potters will compete for the grand prize, and it offers a look at a few of the items we can expect them to work on throughout the series. However, since the fifth season has already been released, we already know what kind of challenges the contestants will experience in the next installment. The competitors will be kept plenty busy as they work on everything from a children's crockery set to a trio of garden gnomes.

Of course, each episode is divided into two sections. They'll have the main make as well as the throw down challenge, each consisting of a different item for the potters to make by hand. Prepare yourself for another riveting installment of "The Great Pottery Throw Down" as the first episode comes out on April 14 for all to see.