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The Iconic Rick & Morty Scene That Fans Can't Help Rewatching

"Rick and Morty" is an instantly rewatchable series. So many jokes fly at you in any given episode that a lot of people may need two or three watches to catch them all. Perhaps you want to go through a particular episode frame by frame so that you can formulate the next grand "Rick and Morty" fan theory. No matter which way you slice it, the Adult Swim series can be as dense as a textbook about the multiverse. 

Of course, some people may feel like going back and watching their favorite episodes just because it's so darn funny. When you need to cheer yourself up, there's nothing like cuing up your favorite TV comedy and laughing your butt off at yet another joke about how there will be 100 seasons of "Rick and Morty" forever. The show may not precisely be known for its more serious moments, but there's one that some fans can't help but rewatch to take it all in time and time again. 

The first appearance of Evil Morty is chilling

Fans remain harshly divided on whether "Rick and Morty" should stick to self-contained adventures or whether it should adopt a serialized approach. The show regularly breaks the fourth wall and debates this itself within the confines of an episode. However, most fans can agree that the introduction of Evil Morty was brilliant and provided much-needed depth to the characters. 

Evil Morty's first episode is so iconic that some fans have gone back to rewatch it ad nauseam, as Redditor u/tbmkmjr writes, "I swear I've watched this episode over 100 times and I still get chills at this part when the music drops." This is in reference to the final scene of Season 1's "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" when Evil Morty takes his eyepatch off while the song "For the Damaged Coda" by Blonde Redhead plays. 

Everyone else seemed to be in agreement that this episode was a definite highlight of a stellar first season. Redditor u/Tulanol summed it up nicely with, "Love this episode." If only fans knew what would be in store for the Season 5 finale when Evil Morty was introduced all those years ago.