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Homelander's Most Heartbreaking Moment In The Boys Season 2

In the world of Amazon's "The Boys," no character is free of complexity. Like in life itself, the characters that populate the series are full of complicated and oftentimes contradictory characteristics. Garth Ennis' expansive comic series of the same name provided the source material for the show, depicting a world where superheroes are not the moral high ground everyone expects them to be (via TVInsider). In fact, most of the time, they are the villains.

The biggest and baddest so-called "supe" of them all is Homelander (Antony Starr), leader of The Seven. A clear stand-in for Superman, Homelander is physically invincible and capable of causing mass devastation in mere seconds, powers he isn't afraid to use whenever he feels the least bit threatened. Indeed, Homelander's actions routinely range from the mildly criminal to the abominably horrifying (via MensXP). 

Although Homelander is undeniably the preeminent villain of the series, he still has occasional moments of genuine vulnerability and heartbreak. As uncomfortable as it may be to watch, one brief moment in "The Boys" Season 2 causes viewers to feel for him.

Homelander connects with his son in an unexpected manner

Like most villains, Homelander didn't actually start out as an evil maniac. Despite all of the pain he has caused (and will likely cause again in the future), Homelander was once an innocent child forced to work as a weapon (via YouTube). The ultimate result of this childhood trauma is a man who routinely struggles to peacefully interact with other people. This fact is lightly hinted at in Season 1, but in Season 2, Homelander is forced to confront these demons in an unexpected way. 

When Homelander first enters his son's life, he is primarily interested in a relationship with Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) because of their biological connection. In fact, the very moment that Homelander realizes Ryan could share many of his powers, he becomes excited at the prospect of raising a fellow supe and quickly decides he wants his son to follow in his footsteps. As Homelander sees it, Ryan has to be masculine like his father, and succeed at being a superhero (via YouTube). 

However, Homelander's heart is broken when he begins to see reflections of his past in Ryan's eyes. Becca raises Ryan in a compound far away from society, essentially making him a prisoner; he has no friends of his own and his only human connection is with his mother. Similarly, Homelander was lied to and imprisoned throughout his childhood. Seeing that his son has been dealt the same sad fate is a difficult experience for Homelander (via YouTube). He may be a monster, but Homelander's condition is not one even he would wish on his worst enemy, and he certainly doesn't want it for his son.