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Was Moon Knight Ever A Member Of The Avengers?

"Moon Knight" is the latest in a series of Marvel shows to stream exclusively on Disney+. Its story chronicles the superheroic adventures of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) after attaining mystical abilities from the Egyptian god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham). When he activates these powers, he takes on the guise of Moon Knight. Furthermore, Marc houses multiple personalities, often presenting as a museum employee named Steven Grant, who himself adopts a separate superhero persona called Mr. Knight.

So far, the plot of "Moon Knight" largely exists in its own continuity, with its connections to other MCU works implied more so than they are stated outright. That said, viewers are naturally in the process of determining its place within the bigger MCU picture. For example, Marc is the first MCU hero confirmed to be Jewish. Fans of "Moon Knight" interested in how Marc Spector's role might one day be expanded, then, may be wondering if Moon Knight was ever a member of the Avengers in his comic book source material, given that such a history could pave the way for future storylines pairing Moon Knight with some of the MCU's stalwarts.

Moon Knight has been an Avenger at various points in time

As chronicled in the character's comic book history compiled on the Marvel fan wiki, Moon Knight has indeed been a member of various Avengers teams.

Perhaps Moon Knight's most notable team-up was with the West Coast Avengers, which was founded by Vision to supplement the mainline Avengers during the Secret Wars event. Other notable West Coast Avengers members recognizable to MCU fans include Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye. Moon Knight ultimately aided and joined the team after they were temporarily transported to Ancient Egypt.

Later on, Steve Rogers recruited Moon Knight to be a member of another Avengers spinoff he formed called the Secret Avengers, alongside characters like Black Widow, Beast and War Machine. Finally, Moon Knight worked as a sort of arm of the Avengers during a stay in Los Angeles, in addition to siding with the Avengers during a conflict with the X-Men.

With regards to the MCU, then, plenty of precedent exists for Moon Knight to team up with some of its most notable characters, be it as a West Coast Avenger, a Secret Avenger, or even as a plain old Avenger untethered to his comic book source material.