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You Might Want To Avoid This Cave In Horizon Forbidden West

There's a lot to explore in "Horizon: Forbidden West." Aloy's story continues as she leaves the lands known to the Nora tribe, leading a band of companions into the titular Forbidden West in order to uncover the source of a mysterious plague. This new frontier is a sprawling open-world, full of animals to hunt, resources to scavenge, gear to craft and machines to battle before harvesting them for scrap. There are even a few Easter eggs scattered throughout the land for curious players who know where to look. The addition of new abilities like the Shieldwing glider make things even better by giving the player new tools for navigation. 

But while gamers are burning through fast travel packs trying to see every inch of Guerilla Games newest addition to the post-apocalyptic action adventure series, there's one area in particular that fans should probably avoid.

Reddit user squidflowpro recently discovered a cave that was clearly never intended for players to set foot in. It rests in the mountains on the northwestern corner of the map, just east of the Tallneck that players can use to map out the area. But what makes this particular cave so dangerous? Well, walking into it will drop players right through the bottom of the map.

A glitch in the Forbidden West

Squidflowpro included a video of Aloy entering the cave in their post. The entrance is too high to jump to — another sure sign that players were clearly not intended to find it. Getting to it seems to involve a bit of precarious climbing along the mountain side and then using the Sheildwing to glide down to the cave mouth. As soon as Aloy rounds the corner into the cave, gaps start to appear in the rocky floor. Eventually the cave abruptly ends and players can see the curvature of the mountain from the inside. Viewers can also see through the ceiling in many places, revealing machines seemingly roaming over empty air. Squidflowpro bravely jumped into the abyss in their video, gliding between the underside of the map and the void of nothingness below for several minutes.

Commenters on the thread seemed to love the discovery. Reddit user FlaxenArt joked, "Aloy comes to the conclusion she's definitely living in a simulation." While user LargoDeluxe claimed to have found their own weird cave in the game, stating, "I'm sure I'm not the only one who fell through a hole in the world while running down the stairs from the GAIA chamber in The Base."

This isn't the first time the "Horizon" franchise has run into bizarre glitches, of course. "Horizon Zero Dawn" had a ton of issues before the developer cleared most of them up in a decent-sized patch. Still, players continue to love the series in spite of (and often because of) its odd little flaws.