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Why Steven's Apartment In Moon Knight Is Raising Fans' Eyebrows

Disney+'s new series "Moon Knight" has only aired two episodes, but is treading fascinating territory. Adapted from the comic of the same name, many may already know the story of the mercenary Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) who is gifted abilities by the Egyptian god Khonshu. Marc becomes a violent protector out to serve the needs of Khonshu, but that isn't the only thing that sets "Moon Knight" apart from other properties. The series is also notable because of its depiction of Dissociative Identity Disorder (via SyFy Wire). Marc has many responsibilities to deal with, including the other personalities that threaten to get in the way of his mission.

Audiences are first introduced to Steven Grant, a personality who has no understanding that he is just one of many. Working at a museum gift shop, Steven's main concern is getting his sleep disorder under control long enough to have a life, but that isn't so easy when Marc is taking his body across the world to hunt down a cult leader (Ethan Hawke). Steven must chain himself to his bed at night, unaware that his sleep disorder is really something else. He is under the control of a powerful deity but somehow, that isn't the strangest thing in Steven's world. Fans noted something confounding about the apartment Steven lives in.

How much does Steven's place even cost?

When first introduced to Steven, he seems to be living a modest life. He essentially has a retail position but yearns for something more. He is passionate about Egyptian history though his employer will not humor him being a tour guide. This type of lifestyle doesn't exactly scream wealthy, but Steven's loft seems impressive nonetheless. The room is expansive with walls lined with books. Fans on Reddit tried to figure out if Steven could even afford this place.

"I can't tell if Steven's apartment is really really super cheap or secretly high-end," posted u/bjkman. Though the apartment itself is large, the dark lighting in the room also gives off the appearance that the room is shabby, especially with Steven laying the floor with sand every night. Many came to the conclusion that the loft wouldn't come cheaply. "That apartment in that central a location would be insanely expensive. Like a half-million GBP or so with a rental price £1500 to £2000 per month. Absolutely Steven could only afford to live there if it was in his mum's name with the mortgage already paid off," noted u/ripsa.

Though this type of place may seem unrealistic for the income of a gift shop worker, there are ways around that. Episode 2 of "Moon Knight" made it clear that Marc has bags of money at his disposal due to his mercenary lifestyle. If Steven wasn't footing the bill, someone else may have been.