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Alexandra Eames' Best Moment From Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Lieutenant Alexandra "Alex" Eames (Kathryn Erbe) gained a positive reputation among "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" fans for providing some deadpan snark while partnered up with her longtime ally in the field, the intense and imposing Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio). Eames has the kind of toughness that makes a memorable impression, and she fights crime and provides the show with her dry wit without sweating her way through her patented leather coat. 

Eames doesn't have a whole lot going in her personal life; she has a sister she's close to, and mainly mourns her long-dead husband. She and Goren become close friends over the course of their time together on the show, his friendship making her single life a little brighter. But that doesn't mean that Eames is a joyless sack of meat; she's fun, tough, and bright, and she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty to save the day. Here's the moment we think exemplifies her best qualities.

Eames rescues herself from a serial killer

How tough is Alex Eames? During the show's 6th season, she rescues herself from a serial killer.

The hostage crisis occurs in Episode 1 of Season 6 of "Criminal Intent," "Blind Spot." Eames finds herself imprisoned after investigating a series of serial murders. The perp's MO appears to be the same one as murderer named Sebastian who confounded Goren's mentor, Dr. Declan Gage (John Glover) to the point of causing him to have a nervous breakdown 15 years prior. One night, Eames returns home and, moments later, is knocked unconscious and carried away. Soon Goren receives a taunting text from "Sebastian" that sends him into a frantic search for Eames.

But the awesomeness here belongs to Eames, who experiences severe mental and physical torture during her captivity. Yet when she sees an opportunity to escape, she takes it. She summons the strength to pull herself down from a meathook and undo the blindfold strapped over her eyes and the rope binding her wrists together, allowing her to run for the exit. She trips one booby trap set up by "Sebastian," then, when the doorway leading to the street refuses to give way, she takes a crowbar to help her climb up the side wall of the warehouse where she's been taken. Eames uses the last of her energy to stick her fingertips through the grating of the warehouse's window, which leads to her rescue.

This is brave and gutsy — two qualities that "CI" fans definitely associate with Alex. She even manages to save enough forensic evidence to tie the crimes of "Sebastian" back to a surprising source — Gage's daughter, Jo (Martha Plimpton). It's that level of cool under extreme duress that makes the above moment her best one on the show.