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The First Reactions To The Northman Are In And Critics Have A Lot To Say

Robert Eggers has emerged as one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. He broke onto the scene with 2015's "The Witch," cementing its status as one of the premier horror films of the 21st century. He followed it up with a movie that defies traditional labels — "The Lighthouse." That film also earned acclaim, particularly when it came to the two lead performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. 

Eggers has once again confounded expectations by making his next movie something no one was expecting, namely a Viking-themed revenge epic called "The Northman." Many have wondered if the director would manage to keep his streak of interesting projects alive, and by all accounts, he's managed to do precisely that. Ahead of the film's April 22 release date, the social embargo has broken, and by and large, people seem to love this epic historical piece. It solidifies Eggers' status as one of the best filmmakers working today and should assure everyone going forward that when he has a movie coming out, it'll be worth seeing.

Audiences call The Northman 'audacious' and 'breathtakingly gnarly'

It's hard to find any knocks against "The Northman" on social media at the moment, with the overwhelming consensus being that the movie is a monumental achievement. Germain Lussier compares the film favorably to "Gladiator," describing it as "A satisfying, emotional revenge epic that kept me guessing and engaged with its beautiful language, mythology, and cinematography. Smaller than the trailers make it seem but still powerful and moving." 

Cameron Frew echoed those sentiments, calling the movie "Breathtakingly gnarly." At the same time, Ross Bonaime states, "As visually stunning as Eggers' past work, and his entire cast is tremendous, especially Alexander Skarsgård, who is an absolute beast." A good amount of praise goes toward Skarsgård in general, who apparently carries the bulk of the film on his shoulders. Other people have referred to the actor as a beast, while some mention how audiences haven't seen him like this ever before. 

In case you need even more words of praise to convince you of this film's majesty, see what Jack King had to say: "It's precisely what blockbuster cinema should aspire to, and still has the potential to be. Formally audacious but welcoming; easy to follow but not, simply, a guided tour." Many of the social reactions out so far are similar to these snippets, and they all paint a picture that Eggers has done it once again. One thing is for sure: Everyone needs to get a ticket for "The Northman" when it comes out on April 22.