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Elden Ring: How To Find The Regalia Of Eochaid Sword

A player is only as good as the weapons at their disposal in some fantasy worlds. This is especially true in games such as "Elden Ring," in which the villains you will face differ greatly between encounters, ranging from enemy types that are a walk in the park to excruciatingly difficult. If you're playing FromSoftware's culture-defining game, it's likely you've experienced failure after failure, and have died over and over again. In order to better your chances against these formidable foes, you're going to need the right weapons for the job.

Much like how the Ghiza's Wheel is a powerful weapon that must be acquired through super specific means, the Regalia of Eochaid sword is another excellent offensive tool that players can miss entirely. The Regalia of Eochaid is a very cool weapon with a unique corkscrew-like attack. It also emanates a red glow, similar to the Sith-specific lightsabers in "Star Wars." 

Anyone who fails to collect the Regalia of Eochaid stands to miss out on one of the better weapons in "Elden Ring," which gets exponentially more powerful with certain builds. But what is the Regalia of Eochaid and where does one find it?

The Regalia of Eochaid works best with Arcane builds

In "Elden Ring", there is a plethora of different weapons that are more effective than they normally would be dependent on a player's build and in-game stats. In regards to the Regalia of Eochaid sword, any player with a build that specializes in Arcane — a stat that primarily assists players in terms of finding more loot on defeated enemies, as well and also provides buffs to specific weapons and spells — will find the sword suits their play style perfectly. So if your Arcane stat is high, the Regalia of Eochaid could dramatically improve your combat abilities even further.

The Regalia of Eochaid sword is also great for players with high Dexterity, a stat in "Elden Ring" that optimizes a player's ability to wield different weapons and the damage they do to enemies. Of course, if you're lacking in any of these areas, one can always use Runes to upgrade them and make yourself primed for the Regalia of Eochaid.

The Regalia of Eochaid can be found in the Gaol Cave

The great thing about the Regalia of Eochaid is it can be attained quite early in the game. To find it, all one has to do is make their way to the Gaol Cave in Caelid. The entrance to the cave is in a swamp East of Fort Gael — but make sure you're prepared! In order to access the cave, players will be required to use two Stonesword Keys to break the Imp Statue seal. Upon entry, players will have to make their way through the cave's narrow corridors.

Navigating the cave will be tough and players will be forced to occasionally stand their ground against Vulgar Milita. Upon reaching the end of the cave, you will fight a Frenzied Duelist equipped with a double-sided axe. The Frenzied Duelist isn't all too difficult to defeat, thankfully. It is pretty slow, allowing you a good bit of wiggle room to dodge its attacks and find openings. Once you've dispatched it, make your way to the exit of the cave that takes you into Limerick. There, you will see a gravestone with the Regalia of Eochaid conveniently placed right before it.