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Why Curse Of Oak Island Fans Are Divided Over The Treasure's Existence

When you first start watching History's "The Curse of Oak Island," it's natural to be a bit skeptical about the series' premise. The show centers around the efforts of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they try to uncover the mysterious treasure of Oak Island, which has evaded any and all would-be discoverers for well over 200 years. Considering how many have tried (and failed) to find this legendary treasure over the centuries, it's understandable that many might consider the Lagina's efforts to be an exercise in futility — though admittedly, their search has produced some pretty interesting results.

During the nine seasons of "The Curse of Oak Island," the team has made a slew of discoveries that they believe point to the existence of the mythical treasure hoard, even if said treasure continues to elude them season after season. These items include a medieval-style cross (which series regular Gary Drayton claims is a relic of the Knights Templar), a gold-plated garnet brooch, and several centuries-old coins. As far as the Lagina brothers are concerned, these discoveries all but prove that there is something hidden on the island, and that their nearly decade-long televised search for the treasure is not as futile as some would suggest.

In spite of these discoveries, fans of the show remain divided over whether or not the island's treasure even exists at all.

Despite the Lagina brothers' discoveries, many fans still believe there is no treasure to be found on Oak Island

A recent Reddit poll conducted by u/net_banger found that around 57% percent of fans who participated believe the treasure itself isn't real. Of the 223 people who were polled, 127 of them voted that the treasure is nothing more than a myth, while the remaining 96 people remained convinced of the treasure's existence. Users took to the comments to explain the reasoning behind their votes, and to emphasize exactly why or why not they believe in the treasure.

"It's a f***ing myth," wrote u/Siloh_Johnson, bluntly summing up the general consensus of the participants of the poll. Others were less clear cut in their explanations, and some even suggested that there was treasure once on the island — just not anymore. "I think if there is treasure, it's long gone by now," wrote u/aware_nightmire_85, a sentiment later echoed by u/Midnightdream23, who wrote, "I voted treasure but believe it's long gone now."

Still, others seemed convinced of the treasure's existence, and adamantly believe it still resides on the island. "There is absolutely plenty of evidence that lots of treasure is left on oak island," said u/blumboy."The EXPERTS they bring in prove that time and time again." It's clear that fans remain heavily divided over whether or not the mysterious Oak Island treasure actually exists, though admittedly, fan sentiment surrounding the topic does tend to be fairly pessimistic.