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The Season 11 Continuity Error You Likely Never Noticed On The Walking Dead

AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead" is deep into its 11th and final season, so it's had more than enough time to get all of its storylines in order ... though it's incredibly hard for such a long-running show to get away without the occasional plot hole. During its lengthy lurch in the land of the living, "The Walking Dead" has featured plenty of confusing moments, and fans have pointed out some moments that they consider major plot holes. However, on the whole, the show is in a uniquely happy position when it comes to such matters, because if the makers really wanted, pretty much any disappearing character or dropped plot line could be explained away with the fact that the show does, in fact, take place in a postapocalyptic scenario that's famously full of abrupt endings. 

Of course, there are still some things that can't possibly be blamed on the hungry undead. In fact, there's a particular Season 11 continuity error that you likely never noticed on "The Walking Dead."

A character on the Commonwealth list receives a mysterious name change

One of the many mysteries "The Walking Dead" Season 11 presents is a strange list that Connie (Lauren Ridloff), who has resumed her pre-apocalyptic profession and works with her sister Kelly (Angel Theory) at the Commonwealth Tribune, unexpectedly receives. The lengthy list of names includes a man who essentially disappeared before they got to interview him, and the implication seems to be that every name on it has experienced a bad fate, possibly courtesy of the ruling Milton family. 

The list turns up in the episode "Rogue Element," and comes up again when the fate of a woman named April comes up in the episode "Trust." If you watch the episodes back to back, though, you might notice a surprising thing: The list is otherwise the same, but while the "Rogue Element" version lists April's last name as Kelly, but the "Trust" episode has suddenly changed to give her full name as April Martens. 

Little changes in the production aren't exactly unheard of, but if you're the kind of fan who pays attention to such details, the sudden name change of this minor character may have come across as rather jarring.