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Is Princess From The Walking Dead Joining A Spin-Off After The Show Ends?

Even though the series is in its final season, the world of "The Walking Dead" is far from over. There are multiple spin-offs currently in the works, including "Tales of the Walking Dead," "Isle of the Dead," and a currently untitled series focusing on the characters of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). The shows will join the already existing spin-offs "Fear the Walking Dead," which is approaching its 8th season, and "The Walking Dead: The World Beyond," which ended after two seasons.

Naturally, fans want to know as much as possible about the upcoming new shows — especially since "The Walking Dead" is inching closer and closer to its conclusion. One question fans likely have is which "Walking Dead" characters might be showing up in one or more of these new shows. Well, one franchise actor who has shared their thoughts about jumping on board for one of the spin-offs is Paola Lázaro, who has played Juanita "Princess" Sanchez since Season 10.

Here's what Lázaro has to say about the fate of her character post-"The Walking Dead."

Lazaro says she would love to keep playing Princess

Paola Lázaro recently spoke with Insider about the upcoming end to "The Walking Dead." Firstly, interviewer Kirsten Acuna asked if Lázaro is hoping Princess makes it out alive in the end, or if she would like to see her character sent off in style in one of the series' typically intricate death scenes. Lázaro responded, "I would definitely like to make it to the end. It would be awesome to see Princess in the future. I always say that Princess' apocalyptic dream job would be to run apocalypse parties where she's a DJ and like everybody just comes through to dance and party. So if we have a little image of her spinning some discs ... that would be awesome."

The actor's answer led the conversation to the topic of the spin-offs planned for after the finale of "The Walking Dead." When asked if she is interested in continuing to play the character, Lázaro said, "I would definitely want to continue this character. I love this character and it's an absolute pleasure for me to play it and a joy. I would definitely join wherever Princess fits." Acuna then noted that she may be a good fit for "Tales of the Walking Dead," to which Lázaro responded, "Right?"

So, nothing has been confirmed regarding Princess' appearance in any of the spin-offs, but it sounds like Lázaro is game. Fans would definitely love to see as many familiar faces as possible on the spin-offs, so here's hoping Lázaro gets to continue playing Princess.