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Where Was The Goonies Actually Filmed?

No one will argue that "The Goonies" isn't a product of its time. With Mouth's "Purple Rain" tee and a soundtrack assist from Cyndi Lauper, the 1985 classic screams 1980s. That said, "The Goonies" has managed to maintain its timeless appeal, all while setting a new standard for the family adventure genre. The movie's enduring success is no surprise considering the creative minds behind the scenes. With a screenplay by Chris Columbus, Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer, and Richard Donner at the helm, "The Goonies" was destined for '80s excellence.

Part of the magic of "The Goonies" comes from the beloved band of misfits, led by the asthmatic Mikey (Sean Astin). When rich developers threaten to turn the Goonies' neighborhood into a country club, the gang sets out to find the town's fabled rich stuff that's eluded adventurers for centuries. The movie's misty Pacific Northwest setting soon gives way to an underground labyrinth of booby traps, pirate ships, and a criminal family who wants the treasure for themselves. From the historic homes' wraparound porches to the rocky Pacific coastline, "The Goonies" boasts plenty of distinct regional scenery worth protecting from sleazy developers. But where was "The Goonies" actually filmed?

Oregon and California both served as filming locations

Although the Goonies get their name from the fictional Goon Docks neighborhood, their hometown of Astoria, Oregon, is a very real coastal town about 100 miles northwest of Portland at the mouth of the Columbia River. Some of the film's most iconic scenes were filmed around Astoria, and the Goonies' houses are real-life residences. Per The Whole World Is A Playground, the owners of the Walsh family's house have opened up their home to visitors. Other Astoria structures remain largely unchanged since "The Goonies" was filmed in 1984 — fans can still play at the Lower Columbia Bowling alley where Chunk (Jeff Cohen), entranced by the film's opening car chase, crushes his milkshake against the window.

Other "Goonies" landmarks in Astoria include the Victorian-era Flavel House Museum, where Mikey's dad works, and the Clatsop County Jail, from which Jake Fratelli (Robert Davi) escapes (via Movie-Locations). That building is now the home of the Oregon Film Museum, where it showcases Oregon-based productions like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Twilight." The Fratellis' Jeep, with purported bullet holes the size of matzo balls, is parked outside (via Oregon Film Museum).

Whether it's during car chases or treasure hunts, the scenic Pacific coastline also figures into "The Goonies" in a big way. The Fratellis cunningly lose the cops at a motor rally at Cannon Beach, about 20 miles south of Astoria. Later, the Goonies traverse the bluffs of Indian Beach, another waterfront area within Ecola State Park. But after their long underground journey to One-Eyed Willy, when the gang emerges on the beach, they're a long way from Astoria in reality. Per Movie-Locations, the film's happy conclusion was filmed at Goat Rock Beach in the Sonoma Coast State Park in California — a lengthy 12-plus hour drive from Astoria. That's one road trip where you'd need to stop for Chunk's favorite pizza on the way.