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Why Killer B's Costume From Naruto Makes No Sense

In "Naruto: Shippuden," Killer B is the hip-hopping, butt-kicking blood brother of the Fourth Raikage and the jinchuriki of the Eight-Tailed Beast. Despite being a professional shinobi for the Village Hidden in the Clouds, his true passion is rapping. Though, that doesn't stop him from laying the smack-down on any and all opponents. One of our earliest introductions to Killer B shows him taking on the entirety of team Taka, including Sasuke Uchiha, with very little difficulty. In their battle, Killer B's ability to wield seven swords at once made him near impossible for even the Uchiha's sharingan to track.

As badass as all of that is, however, it doesn't stop Killer B from being one of the show's most silly characters. No matter how powerful he is, nothing about a hip-hop head ninja makes sense in the world of "Naruto." On top of that, Killer B's costume makes no sense. Sure, it might look cool, but at the end of the day it's definitely not an ideal choice of clothing.

Nothing says clunky like wearing seven swords all the time

On its own, Killer B's attire isn't too nonsensical. At least, it makes sense relative to the many other odd outfits worn by other assorted "Naruto" characters (what kind of ninja wears an orange jumpsuit with aviator goggles?). It's when you factor in Killer B's weapons that things start getting a bit ridiculous. Remember that all seven of his swords aren't just weapons, they're also accessories.

To put it simply, there's a reason that real ninjas didn't strap as many weapons to their bodies as they could. Ignoring the fact that, unlike real-life ninjas, Killer B can actually wield his seven swords simultaneously, simply walking around with multiple swords strapped to one's body sounds like an awkward way to live. Even if they're light swords, they're likely to weigh you down after some time has passed and they're even more likely to get in the way. Killer B wears all seven swords on his back, and while that seems like a compact way to carry them, the handles still jut away from his body at odd angles, making them liable to knock into things.

Of course, this kind of thing never happens to Killer B in the actual anime. If "Naruto" were a hair more realistic, however, Killer B would need to find an alternative way to bring in all seven of his swords for a fight. If only there were some kind of jutsu that could summon weapons.