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The Naruto Character Whose Chakra Is Almost As Bad As Rock Lee's

As a popular anime series, "Naruto" had so much that helped propel it as one of the big three Shonen Jump series alongside "Bleach" and "One Piece." Full of fantastic shinobi fights and a famous rivalry that instantly compares to two particular Saiyans from "Dragon Ball," it's no wonder that Masashi Kishimoto's series hit it off so swimmingly with so many fans. But besides the long involved tale of Naruto and Sasuke and battles that would easily make kindling out of mighty forests, "Naruto" also excelled at having a bevy of fantastic side characters. Hinata, Shikamaru, and even Killer B proved to be such standouts in the series. But when mentioning the best among the side characters, many fans will probably point out Rock Lee.

Clad in his green jumpsuit and sporting the bushiest of brows, it didn't take too long for Rock to make a big impression and, at moments, outright steal the show. His iconic scene during the "Chunin Exams Arc" of dropping the weights in his fight against Gaara has probably produced numerous memes and tributes via fan-made anime music videos. Few can contend to purely fighting against Lee because he's a Taijutsu master. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much choice, as the series reveals that his use of chakra is abysmal. He has no talent for Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Yet, surprisingly, there's one other character in the series whose use of chakra is almost as bad as Rock's.

Kin Tsuchi relied more on her weapons

Like Rock Lee, Kin Tsuchi made her debut during the "Chunin Exams Arc." She is a part of Orochimaru's Team Dosu. And though she and her teammates give Naruto and his comrades a bit of a headache during their brief interaction, she also reveals that her chakra ability isn't that impressive. We get a better glimpse during her fight against Shikamaru in the manga chapter #74 (via Viz Media). Kin relies on throwing needles called senbons with bells and rope attached to them. And that's it. She doesn't display any other special abilities other than having expert accuracy and trickery with her weapons. And that proves to be futile because It doesn't take Shikamaru long to outsmart and defeat her. She plays right into the henchwoman role down to her simple abilities.

The anime version (via Crunchyroll) of her fight against Shikamaru adds a basic Genjutsu ability that leaves Shikamaru slightly more disoriented. Yet the battle still has the same result as its manga counterpart. It's brief and doesn't do much to support Kin's limited chakra abilities. So Kin displays chakra control that's only marginally better than Rock. Potentially, she could have further developed her skills, especially her Genjutsu in the anime. However, we'll never know due to her sudden death in the series. During Orochimaru's fight against the Third Hokage, he sacrifices herself to summon the First and Second Hokages.