Where Was Lost Actually Filmed?

For six seasons, ABC's "Lost" spun an immersive and complex tale that viewers obsessively tuned in to see every week (via IndieWire). Following the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, the series explores many relevant themes such as faith, love, and the nature of destiny. After their plane crashes, Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Locke (Terry O'Quinn), Sawyer (Josh Holloway), and many, many others realize that the tropical island they have landed on is not all that it appears. In the two-hour premiere of the series, the characters encounter monsters rumbling through the jungle as well as a mysterious recording playing on a loop for 16 years. This was only the beginning of the many unexpected moments that would unfold — kicking off mysteries that would make the series a phenomenon.

For a show with such a large scope and mythic storytelling, the location of the series was paramount. This is not the sort of show that could take place on a run-of-the-mill beach on a coast somewhere. The creators took this to heart and filmed "Lost" where the actors could run from the smoke monster to their hearts' content.

Hawaii was chosen as a placeholder for the mysterious island

"Lost" has a rich tapestry of scenery and the best way to capture this was to film on location. Hawaii became the primary shooting location with most of the familiar sights taking place on the island of Oahu (via tripsavvy.com). The main location referred to simply as "the beach" by the survivors was shot on the North Shore of Oahu. More scenic locations like the green valley were shot in the Ka'a'awa Valley.

Many "Lost" fans mourn the show since the series finale a decade ago, but if they wish to relive all their favorite moments, they can. Appreciation for shows such as "Lost" has seen an increase in travel. Fans want to see the shooting locations where their favorite characters had their most important moments (via The Huffington Post). 'Lost" tourism has sprung up in Hawaii. Die-hard fans can experience the ambiance of the island without fear of death by booking a tour in Oahu. Tickets to "Lost" tours, as well as tours for some other famous Hawaii-based films and series, can be purchased online at losttourshawaii.com.