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The Ryan Reynolds Movie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood today, Ryan Reynolds has hit a sweet spot for audiences, combining natural charisma, good looks and the sort of quick wit typically reserved for comedy actors, not action heroes with six-pack abs. Before becoming an A-lister, the Canadian worked his way up through teen soap operas and sitcoms, getting his big break in the small budget/big laughs college flick "National Lampoon's Van Wilder." Two decades later, the actor is beloved by fans for his performances in flicks like "Deadpool," "Free Guy" and "The Adam Project." 

From intense horror films (2005's "The Amityville Horror" remake) to romantic comedies (2008's "Definitely, Maybe") to off-the-rails action flicks (2007's Smokin' Aces") and cameos in comedy classics (2004's "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle"), it seems like whatever you're in the mood for, Ryan Reynolds has a movie to match it. This is reminiscent of the zodiac signs, which similarly embrace a full range of personality types, breaking them down in groups by their date of birth. 

Look over the list below to find your sign — and the Ryan Reynolds movie that perfectly matches it in mood. You can watch them all, of course, but don't be surprised if the one listed for your personality becomes your favorite.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): The Amityville Horror

This choice might seem like an affront to the high-energy fire sign, but Ryan Reynolds in "The Amityville Horror" has some serious Aries energy. On the surface, Aries are known for being impulsive and short-tempered, often leading to stereotypes like aggression. But the fiery sign isn't only defined by its negative traits. Aries are also known for their courage and passion, which people tend to need in spades when dealing with a haunted house.

"The Amityville Horror" is loosely based on the true story of the Lutz family, who purchased the home of Ronald Defeo Jr following his gruesome murder of six people. George Lutz, played by Reynolds, is thrilled when he moves his family into a new, suspiciously cheap Long Island home. But it doesn't take long for them to understand why they were able to afford this dream house, particularly when they begin experiencing demonic visions and signs of possession. George's insistence on staying in the home time and again, despite every sign of a haunting, also reveals his Aries qualities. Beware of such stubbornness, lest it be a harbinger for something truly horrific.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): The Nines

Just like the convoluted plot of "The Nines," a Taurus can be difficult to understand. The earth sign is known for being grounded in reality and practical with its choices. While that may sound like an ideal set of qualities, the Taurus — symbolized by the bull — is also known for being uncompromising. The inflexible sign is willing to do whatever it takes to get what it wants, exactly the way it wants it.

These traits may not remind you of this Reynolds flick on the surface. Still, once you get further into the lore of "The Nines," it's evident that Reynolds' character has some serious Taurus issues to work through. The plot follows the mysteriously intertwined lives of Gary, Gavin, and Gabriel — all played by Reynolds. They try to figure out why they keep seeing glimpses of different versions of themselves. The Taurus energy is later revealed when the audience discovers that Reynolds is a god-like being who created each universe to play different characters; very controlling, if you ask us.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Waiting...

Revered as a magnum opus for waitstaff, "Waiting..." explores the unseen side of life in a chain restaurant. Alongside a motley crew of early 2000s stars, Reynolds navigates working at Shenanigans and the various relationships between servers, greeters and cooks throughout. Restaurant servers, just like the notorious Gemini sign, often have two sides: one professional for customer service and another for their unguarded moments of leisure.

There's more to Geminis than just a two-faced stereotype, however. The air sign is known as "the twins" of the zodiac, which splits them into two sides. But it's much more emotionally complex than just having a shady personality. Often, one side of the sign is lighthearted and intelligent, while the other is insecure and indecisive. Geminis might not share the same traits as the raunchy employees in this film, but there's definitely a personality shift between their on-the-clock personas and when they can let down their hair.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Just Friends

If the zodiacs were going to be sorted into movie genres, Cancers would undeniably be romantic comedies — especially the corny, Hallmark Channel ones. Cancers are known for the tough outer shell protecting their strong emotions. The water sign is basically the "big city businesswoman that's too busy for love" cliche, which makes Cancers just like Reynolds' character in the underrated Christmas classic "Just Friends."

This '00s rom-com hits almost all of the classic tropes, except it's Reynolds' character that leaves his hometown in search of a better life. The self-proclaimed high school loser didn't have anything going for him during adolescence except a love for his best friend, Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart). When he returns to his New Jersey hometown years later as a slimmed down, successful womanizer, he vows to finally get out of the friendzone. On the surface, Reynolds' character may seem like an unlikable tool, but it becomes evident that his massive ego is simply a shell of insecurity — just like a Cancer. There's a reason the two high school sweethearts end up together at the end; deep down inside, they're both good people.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Deadpool

After more than a decade of slowly-rising stock, "Deadpool" was the breakthrough that Reynolds' career needed, elevating him to an A-lister by combining the popularity of superhero movies with the actor's dark comedy chops. It was a match made in heaven — and with "Deadpool 3" on the way, it soon might be with the MCU.

When foul-mouthed Wade Wilson (a former special operative) is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he entrusts a secret organization to heal him – except instead of curing his cancer, they turn him into an unstoppable killing machine. With a tagline like "this is a different kind of superhero story," the film was a commercial success that couldn't be ignored. That's why "Deadpool" has so much in common with Leos, the kings of the zodiac.

The fire sign is known for being the center of attention with its overwhelming confidence. Often labeled egotistical, Leos approach life knowing that people will naturally be drawn to them. Just like everyone's favorite self-centered sign, Deadpool exudes confidence, even after he becomes physically deformed. With his quick wit and incredible skill set, this anti-hero can handle almost any situation.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Adventureland

Although he's big-time now, Reynolds hasn't been above making some indies; his role in the well-remembered Greg Mottola flick "Adventureland" came at a perfect time, as he began to transition into higher-profile comedies. Cast as Connell, the amusement park's maintenance man, Reynolds injected some blue-collar charm that brought a grounded element to the role. Although Connell might not be a terribly likable character (he's unfaithful to his wife), he still exhibits many of the classic Virgo qualities.

Virgos are known for being analytical and hardworking, almost to the extent that work consumes them. Although Connell doesn't seem to be passionate about his job, his work ethic is apparent. Virgos are also known to seem disconnected from their emotions, which aligns with Connell's relationship with Kristen Stewart's Emily. The film romanticizes the lives surrounding a small-town amusement park, showing these characters through rose-colored glasses, which mirrors a Virgo's ability to appreciate the beauty in life.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Free Guy

Depicting a video game background character who yearns for more in life, the 2021 flick "Free Guy" was a blockbuster reminiscent of "The Truman Show." Reynolds' Guy character doesn't know that he's secretly living an idealistic life as an NPC in a violent, multiplayer video game. He gains sentience after meeting the girl of his dreams (Jodie Comer), then throws the whole game upside down when he steps out of the shadows and begins taking matters into his own hands. Guy has serious Libra energy.

The air sign is known for balancing responsibilities with the simple pleasures in life, which is exactly how Guy lives his computerized existence. Despite his social infancy, the NPC can act diplomatically and even organize the other NPCs to save their world. He's able to problem-solve complex, existential issues, all while remaining positive and upbeat. Similar to stereotypical Libras, Guy also gravitates toward companionship. That aligns with the importance of his relationship with Comer's Millie, and her ability to spark his sentience.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): The Proposal

"The Proposal" is one of those romantic comedies that follow the mandatory touchstones of the genre, but injects just a little edge. When Margaret (Sandra Bullock), a Canadian, finds herself on the verge of losing her work visa, she desperately grabs subordinate Andrew (Reynolds) and makes him an accomplice in a plan for a quickie wedding that can keep her in the States.

The film follows these two unlikely lovebirds trying to trick the United States immigration department for a green card. Although their relationship is rocky at first, it's clear something is developing behind the charade, which is why the film shares so many Scorpio traits.

Scorpios are different from their water sign counterparts, known more for their passion than overt emotions. Deemed the "deadly warrior" of the zodiac, the water sign is fearless, impulsive, and occasionally even manipulative. Just like the plot of "The Proposal," Scorpios use these negative traits to mask their underlying feelings.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): The Croods

Whenever Reynolds has taken detours into children's movies, he's done quite well. From the delightful "Turbo" to two "Croods" movies, he has a voice made for animation; if not for the fact that he has a body made for being a movie star, Reynolds could have forged a fine career behind a microphone.

"The Croods" follows a family of cavemen through an unknown world after their home is destroyed. The family is joined on their prehistoric road trip by Guy (voiced by Reynolds), a worldly, inventive stranger. Unlike the high-strung, neurotic Crood family, Guy breezily navigates the world searching for new experiences, which highlights his Sagittarius traits. The fire sign is known to indulge but still manages to take care of business when the time is right.

Even when faced with a dangerous, predatory world, Guy always manages to have something up his sleeve to save the day — which impresses Eep (Emma Stone). While escorting the family to "Tomorrow," a paradise he'd where he'd like to settle down, the clever caveman employs his skills to get what he wants with his various inventions.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Buried

Capricorns are the slow burn dramas of the zodiac world. Known for mastering the art of self-control, the earth sign is disciplined and serious. 

Arguably the most daring film of Reynolds' career, the 2010 Rodrigo Cortes drama "Buried" takes place almost entirely in a small pine box. Yup, it's a coffin, and yup, he's buried alive with little more than a cigarette lighter, his wits, and a cellphone with spotty reception and a rapidly-dwindling battery. He has 90 minutes to escape, and we have about 90 minutes to feel claustrophobic alongside him.

Capricorns sometimes find themselves unable to process complex emotions, because they are so caught up with work. In the case of this Reynolds character, his duties as a truck driver in Iraq have put his entire life at serious risk. Although the movie never says how much this guy gets in a salary, it can't possibly be enough.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Life

Once rumored to be a prequel to "Venom" of all things, "Life" turned out to be something quite different — and quite good by itself. 

Directed with flair by Daniel Espinosa ("Morbius"), the film depicts scientists aboard the International Space Station. When they discover a strange life form that seems to be evolving rapidly, their curiosities turn to horror — and a newfound need for self-preservation. 

The film wanted to be "Alien" for a new generation, but actually ended up being better than anything the "Alien" franchise had put out in several decades. Reynolds has some great moments both in and out of the ship, as do co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson.

"Life" has an intense Aquarius vibe, and not just because that sign is known as the alien of the zodiac. Set apart by being independent and eccentric, the air sign knows how to hold an audience's attention, just like this film.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Definitely, Maybe

The Pisces sign is highly emotional, which could make it dangerous for them to watch the 2008 film "Definitely, Maybe," possibly both Ryan Reynolds' most romantic film and his most underrated. If you're a Pisces, let's just say this: Have the tissues handy.

While many Pisces might loathe the idea that they inherently desire a partner, the "loving fish" of the zodiac bases its identity around finding a soulmate. This is why a Pisces would relate to an emotional romantic comedy about a jaded political consultant (Reynolds) recounting the great loves of his life (played by Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz and Elizabeth Banks) to an 11-year-old daughter upset over his impending divorce.

Reynolds' character in "Definitely, Maybe" has all the traits of a traditional Pisces. In a "How I Met Your Mother"-type gimmick, the main character masks the identities of his lost loves while telling their stories, challenging his daughter (played by Abigail Breslin) to guess which one is her mom. On the surface, it's clear how any fan of such a romantic movie could relate to the water sign. Deeper down, perhaps "Definitely, Maybe" is simply a good movie that any sign could enjoy.