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The Worst Storyline In Blue Bloods Season 4

When you take an Irish-American Catholic family and place them in law enforcement, what do you get? You wind up with the CBS smash "Blue Bloods."

The series has gone strong since 2010 when it debuted. Over the years, more and more fans have caught wind of the exceptional quality taking place on the program, as the Reagan family continually finds new ways to keep New York safe. They've dealt with every kind of crime imaginable, often jumping over a myriad of hurdles and obstacles to catch their perp or bringing a heartbroken family some semblance of justice. 

However, not every storyline can be a hit. Sometimes, the show cranks out an episode that doesn't resonate with fans the way most do. Viewers ordinarily love watching Frank (Tom Selleck), Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), and the rest of the family track down bad guys, but in Season 4's case, one episode just didn't do the trick.

Open Secrets left something to be desired for fans

Every episode will have its defenders and critics. After all, Season 4's "Open Secrets" has a rating of 8.0/10 on IMDb, which is solid no matter which way you cut it. That's a B- for a story that follows Danny following an abduction, reminding him of an unsolved case he had years earlier. Meanwhile, Frank gets on the inspector general's bad side when he refuses to reveal information about an overseas program. 

But not everyone took kindly to the episode. If you look up the reviews on IMDb, one of the users took particular umbrage with the episode, writing, "I'm sorry CBS, but this show is becoming completely implausible. Tonight's plot line was so filled with holes I had to comment, which strangely enough, is something I rarely do."

IMDb wasn't the only place where negative reviews could be found. It seems implausibility was a common complaint with this episode, as one Redditor wrote, "Why the hell did the girls get abducted? I don't understand anything that was going on with the old woman and the old man there ... The show feels like it explained nothing, am I losing my mind or did I miss something or what?" Fortunately, the rest of Season 4 is rated quite well for the most part, so it's clear this isn't a common occurrence on "Blue Bloods."