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Why Minato Namikaze From Naruto Was The Absolute Worst

"Naruto" is a series full of some of the strongest shinobi ever to dare throw a kunai or run with their arms freely extended. If we're talking about the cream of the ninja crop in Konoha, it doesn't get any more elite than the village's Hokage. Hokages are considered to be the strongest ninja in the village. The title of Hokage is bestowed to those whose abilities are considered legendary. From Hiruzen Sarutobi to Tsunade, Konoha has produced some impressive Hokage. Yet, when it comes to Minato Namikaze, it seems like the heroic "Yellow Flash" is in a league of his own.

Whenever another character mentions Minato, there's a mythic quality often attached to some of his past feats and adventures. Many recall that Minato was a ninja prodigy as a child and, by the time he'd reached adulthood, had become renowned by the rest of the world for some of his impressive techniques and battles in the Third Shinobi World War. Minato is also often remembered as a kind and caring mentor and highly loyal to his village. It's hard to hate the character, but that doesn't mean he's completely perfect. Despite his accolades and achievements, there's one particular action he did to his son, Naruto, that makes Minato seem like the absolute worst.

Minato made his son's life unbearably difficult

In the "Shippuden" episode "The Fourth Hokage," Naruto goes into his subconscious and is about to rip away the final seal that's trapped Kurama inside him. However, just when he's about to succumb to such a dark plunge, Minato appears and stops him. It turns out he placed his psyche into the seal for Kurama. It's here that the Fourth Hokage finally reveals the truth about him being Naruto's father. But instead of the father and son reunion beginning with a hug, Naruto delivers a brutal yet cathartic punch to his father's gut. With tears streaming down his eyes, Naruto brings up one valid point that suspends Minato from being awarded any "Best Dad" mugs for the foreseeable future. How could he just seal away the most powerful and dangerous tailed beast in his infant son?

Sure, everything worked out to avoid total disaster, and after the "Pain Arc," Naruto finally reaches the status of beloved hero to Konoha. But as he says to Minato in the episode, it's been a horrible and heartbreaking ride for the young hero because of his father's decision. He grew up hated by his village and spent a lot of his childhood friendless thanks to hosting Kurama. That's an unfair burden to put on a child. Even if we look at Minato's decision from a tactical point, entrusting the Nine-Tails Fox into his son was still a massive gamble. Naruto luckily had someone or something to hold him from completely losing control throughout the series. Still, the ninja was honestly one awful day away from becoming bitter and evil enough to wipe out entire villages. Minato truly made the worst decision for such a genius shinobi and a father by sealing Kurama in his own son.