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How Much Is Yellowstone's Jennifer Landon Like Her Character Teeter?

"Yellowstone" had a meteoric rise to become one of the best, most-watched shows on television. Millions of people have tuned in to watch the continuing struggles of the Dutton family as they work tirelessly to protect their ranch from a myriad of people and organizations who would love to get their hands on all of that land. The show complements intriguing plotlines with a stellar cast of characters you actively want to follow throughout their adventures as they all work to attain money and/or power. 

While the Duttons themselves get the lion's share of attention, they're not the only ones audiences want to see more of. Plenty of characters have come into the series, from villains to ranch hands, over the years who steal every scene they're in, including Teeter (Jennifer Landon). She's a ranch hand on the Dutton property who enters the picture starting in Season 3. 

Fans quickly took kindly to the tough-talking worker who's not afraid of letting her feelings known when someone crosses her. And as shocking as it might come, actress Jennifer Landon actually has more in common with the character than fans may initially think.

Both Jennifer Landon and Teeter like doing 'dude stuff'

Teeter is tomboyish and not afraid to get down and dirty with the rest of her fellow ranch hands. As such, it comes as no surprise when she becomes the first and so far only woman on "Yellowstone" to receive the Dutton Ranch branding, proving her to be an ally to the Duttons for life. While it might have been a difficult character to pull off for some, it sounds as if Landon was able to sink fairly easily into the role. 

In an interview with Screen Rant, Landon spoke about she and Teeter were similar, saying, "There are a lot of similarities between Teeter and I that ... it's just a really good fit. You know, like, I've always done dude stuff. I didn't like that there were dude things to do and chick things to do." Landon appears to understand her character so well that she even knows things about her that haven't come up in the show yet. She goes on to say, "The one thing that the audience doesn't know, and I don't even know if Taylor [Sheridan] knows this, but I know it from the inside, is that Teeter loves monster trucks."

No word yet on whether we'll see Teeter get inside a monster truck going into "Yellowstone" Season 5, but it would certainly be within her character to take a ride in Bigfoot.