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The Oscar Detail That Has The Office Fans Scratching Their Heads

Oscar Martinez is a snob. It isn't a secret, and everybody knows it. While there is a certain degree of sympathy for the character throughout the show, it doesn't change the fact that the accountant also maintains a well-earned reputation for upturned noses and elitists comments over the course of his career at Dunder Mifflin.

For example, Oscar is well-known around the office as "actually." This is due to the fact that he's constantly interrupting conversations with the word "actually" followed by a corrective statement. When Andy and company crash his trivia night, Oscar's reputation as the smart guy in the office is clearly threatened, as well.

Along with his mental prowess, Oscar also considers himself quite up to date on his decor — particularly when it comes to flooring. He's so opinionated, in fact, that he makes some not-so-subtle digs at the floor of his own workspace, which happens to consist of beautiful hardwood flooring covered by a tacky, dull carpet.

The state of Dunder Mifflin's flooring is a minor factoid that could rankle anyone who appreciates a gorgeous wooden floor underfoot. But the way that Oscar discovers this highly decorated secret is, as many fans have pointed out, quite confusing. It doesn't make sense. Dare we say it? It appears to be an inconsistency in the plot of the show.

Oscar apparently discovers Dunder Mifflin's hardwood floors ...twice

If Oscar found out that Dunder Mifflin had hardwood floors hiding below a disgusting carpet (remember, Kevin spilled chili on that thing), made a comment on his disappointment, and then moved on with his life, it would have just gone down as another clever joke. However, Oscar discovers the hardwood secret of his workspace not once, but twice.

The first time happens during Season 7, in the episode "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager." In it, Dwight accidentally discharges a live firearm right next to Andy's desk. In the aftermath, we see Oscar lying on the floor, observing the bullet hole. Instead of commenting on the violent offense that created the damage, though, he simply says, "My God. There is a hardwood floor underneath this carpeting. Why would they do that?"

After that, the plot moves on and the hardwood floors are apparently forgotten — that is until they suddenly reappear in all their polyurethane glory in the mid-season 9 episode "Suit Warehouse." This takes place when an overly-caffeinated and profusely sweating Oscar helps move the copier only to rip up some of the carpet. When he sees the hardwood underneath, he says, "It's beautiful. Hardwood. I always knew it was down here. I just never dreamed that I would actually see it." From there, the entire hyped-up crew tears up large swaths of the carpet, wreaking havoc on the office in the process.

Oscar's discovery fits with the character. The problem is, he seems to be seeing the hardwood for the first time ... both times. This hints at an inconsistency in the script — but perhaps it's just Oscar choosing his words poorly thanks to the caffeine overload that his body is processing at the time of the second discovery.