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The DC Character You Likely Forgot NCIS' Rocky Carroll Played

Leon Vance, played by veteran TV actor Rocky Carroll, is one of the head honchos in CBS' "NCIS." Originally the assistant director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, his position entails overseeing several operations and acting as a liaison between the investigators and the higher-ups. His history sees him targeted by Russian assassins at one point, and he later gets promoted after the death of his predecessor. Vance is a staple on the hit television show and has appeared regularly since he was introduced way back in Season 5.

What you may not know about Carroll is that among his many TV credits are plenty of voiceover roles. And among those voiceover roles are several animated adaptations of DC Comics stories featuring the Man of Steel, such as "The Death and Return of Superman" and "Justice League: War." Although many of the voice actors change between these various projects, Carroll portrays the same character throughout, and it's one that will be familiar to fans of the comics they are adapted from. So, which DC character has Rocky Carroll given voice to?

Carroll plays Silas Stone in several animated DC films

It turns out that Rocky Carroll is not only is an authoritative figure in "NCIS," but also in the DC Universe, as well! In "Justice League: War," "The Death of Superman," and "The Death and Return of Superman," the actor voices an animated version of Silas Stone. Stone is best known as the father of Victor Stone AKA Cyborg, and as an immensely intelligent scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs. His acumen with technology allows him to save his son's life after a tragic accident. In "Justice League: War," an exploded Mother Box destroys Victor's body and fuses with him, creating the foundation on which Silas can save his son by utilizing the bizarre alien technology. But it results in over 90% of Victor's body being transformed, hence the name Cyborg. Victor is not pleased with the manner in which he survives the accident, which often strains the relationship between father and son, though they do reconcile as Cyborg grows accustomed to his superhero status.

In "The Death of Superman" and "The Death and Return of Superman," Silas is integral in discovering the origin of technology used by Intergang, which comes from the same place as the Mother Box and is mixed with innovations from Earth. And that's not even the extent of Carroll's tenure. He also plays Daily Planet editor Perry White in the animated movie "Reign of the Supermen." It seems then whenever there is advanced alien equipment or artifacts that need studying or breaking news that needs reporting, Carroll is on the scene.