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20% Of Vikings Fans Said This Was Their Least Favorite Character

Not since Russell Crowe's Maximus defied the emperor in Ridley Scott's 2000 film, "Gladiator," has pop culture been so enamored with the "sword and sandal" genre. While there's typically been a "Hercules" or "Xena" style series to slake the thirst, the last several years has seen a boom in the genre, with shows like "The Last Kingdom" creating dedicated fanbases. "Sword and sorcery," a close cousin of "sword and sandal," has also risen in prominence with the likes of "Game of Thrones" and "The Wheel of Time."

Another dominant entry in the category came in 2013, with "Vikings," which began on the channel History and concluded on Prime Video in 2020. With its six seasons, the series introduced a variety of characters — some from history, some from legend. As its spin-off, "Vikings: Valhalla," reaches new and old fans alike, it's worth taking a look back at the original series to see which characters resonated with the original audience — and which did not.

Recently, Looper asked American audiences which "Vikings" character was their least favorite. Here's what you voted for.

The king and queen continue their reign

Not surprisingly, main character Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) received the fewest votes, 9.64% of the 633 responses. As the show's main protagonist, Ragnar's journey from farmer to king is front and center during the character's four-season run. At the end of Season 4, Ragnar is killed by the Northumbrian king, who pitches the Viking into a pit of venomous snakes.

With 11.37% of the vote, Ragnar's first wife, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), also clearly earned the audience's favor. Rising from a shield maiden to queen, Lagertha largely stood by her husband's side, though the two had some struggles when Ragnar strayed from their marriage bed. Despite the infidelity, Lagertha eventually found her way back to Ragnar, and supported him in his conquests. His death nearly devastated Lagertha, who seemed at peace and eager to see her lost love again when she was killed at the end of Season 6.

Two Ragnarssons and a monk are in the middle of the pack

Next on the list, with 11.69% of the vote, is Ubbe Ragnarsson (Jordan Patrick Smith), the first son born to Ragnar Lothrok and his second wife Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). Unlike his brothers, Ubbe is more focused on creating and maintaining peace instead of constant raiding and warring. Though his aim is a lasting peace, Ubbe is no slouch on the battlefield, earning much respect for his martial skills. By the end of the series, Ubbe has discovered the New World, believing the land can be the true home of his father's dreams.

In the middle of the pack is Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), Ragnar's eldest child and firstborn son with Lagertha. Out of all Ragnar's sons, Bjorn displays the strongest bond with his father, earning Ragnar's trust and respect through his counsel. Bjorn intervened when his half-brothers, Ubbe and Ivar, sought to kill Lagertha after his mother killed Aslaug. Bjorn met his end in Season 6, when he rode out alone to face an attacking army, inspiring his people with his bravery and refusal to surrender.

Coming in third place, with 15.80%, we have the first character not married to or descended from Ragnar. Athelstan (George Blagden) is introduced in Season 1 as a Christian monk who Ragnar captures during a raid. In time, the monk becomes thoroughly enmeshed within Ragnar's clan, being trusted to care for the Viking's children and run his household as steward. During the character's three seasons on the series, Athelstan struggled to reconcile his Christian faith with the polytheistic religion of his adopted Viking people.

A 'god' and a shipwright take the top spots

The torture-loving, quick-to-violence Ivar Ragnarsson (Alex Høgh Andersen) slides into second place with 17.85% of the vote. The youngest son of Ragnar and Aslaug began displaying his cruelty as a child when he killed another youth over a harmless game. From there, Ivar's bloodlust only grows, as does his ambition and ego. Perhaps due to his genetic condition, which left him without the use of his legs, Ivar spent his time on the series seeking the next conquest. In time, his arrogance transitions to delusion when he believes himself to be a god. His savagery comes to an end when he dies battling the forces of King Alfred.

In first place, with 20.38% of the vote, is Floki Vilgerðarson (Gustaf Skarsgård). An innovative shipwright, Floki is arguably more loyal to Rangar than any of the latter's many sons. With "Loki" as part of his name, it's not surprising that Floki has a fondness for tricks and pranks. When not working on his ships or pranking his friends, Floki spends much time worshiping the Norse gods with a zeal and fanaticism that exceeds even the most devout Vikings featured in the series. His religious fervor leads him to despise Christianity, fearing the religion and its followers will one day destroy the Viking way of life. After traveling to Iceland, Floki eventually abandons the settlement after its citizens turn violent. In Season 6, it's revealed that the presumed-dead Floki, like Ubbe, has journeyed to the New World.