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The Best MTV Animated Comedy Series That Only Lasted One Season According To Fans

With so much new content available for streaming, there are many shows that don't get the chance that they deserve. Though viewers are more likely watching their favorite shows through streaming platforms instead of cable networks that used to be so popular, the results are the same. Beloved series get canceled all the time which often stokes the fan appreciation even further. Shows such as "Firefly" have gotten the ax after only a half season order and in spite of a devoted fanbase. This was not the only casualty of short-lived series that are now considered classics.

For a significant period in time, MTV had pioneered many popular series in the '90s and '00s. The network animated their own shows with their department MTV Animation and pushed out fan favorites such as "Daria" (via NPR). But for every "Daria" that captured audiences, there were also shows that did not make it past the first season. Many animated series were canceled prematurely at the time, despite fan fervor. That devotion continues on with audience members still celebrating one series to this day.

Clone High was a clever concept that only lasted 13 episodes

Airing on MTV in 2002, "Clone High" had humor as well as a concept perfect for syndication. The series follows the lives of students at the aforementioned high school who have naturally been cloned from famous people in history. Characters span from world leaders to artists in a cast of clever yet sardonic teens dealing with their personal lives. The series follows Abe Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte), whose insecurities hold him back from pursuing a relationship with Cleopatra (Christa Miller). 

Also featured are Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), Gandhi (Michael McDonald), and JFK (co-creator Christopher Miller) as Abe's peers and bullies. Though the premise was sharp and the humor refreshing, the series did not make it past 13 episodes. "Clone High" was taken off the air after pressure from the Indian government officials (via The Guardian). Their main qualm: the party-loving depiction of Gandhi. In an article for Entertainment Weekly, creators Phil Lord and Miller reflected on the impact of the series along with producer Bill Lawrence. "It's certainly my only show ever canceled by a symbolic hunger strike by members of the Indian parliament," Lawrence said in response. Even though the show should have died after cancellation, "Clone High" still resonates with fans now more than ever. Lawrence backs this up, going on to say that the fans of the show are "psychotically passionate." And they may be inclined to agree, judging from online support for the show.

Fans rally support for Clone High's continuation

Many shows deserve to see the light of day again, a sentiment many fans on Reddit share. But the online fan support is so rabid that when the subject of "Clone High" was brought up on one thread, a multitude of fans chimed in with a flurry of posts. Fans re-lived their favorite quotes one after the other. But the other topic up for discussion was recent talk of the show being revitalized.

"Good news," posted u/DisturbedNocturne. "It's being revived on HBOMax for at least two more seasons!" For some fans, this is an event they have been waiting years for. "Is it finally really going to happen?" asked u/bluecheezpls. "It's been a distant dream for over a decade." Patient viewers will see life brought back to "Clone High" at some point, though a definitive air date is still up for discussion. In a conversation with Collider, Miller and Lord confirmed their involvement and being greenlit for two more seasons. "I know that some of the episodes are in animation right now. But I don't know when it will actually be on the air," Miller admitted. But after two decades of waiting for new content, fans can at the very least be comforted that new episodes are on the horizon when it airs on HBO Max.