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The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Itsuki Kawasumi's Powers Explained

Though the anime series "The Rising of the Shield Hero" focuses primarily on its titular Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa), the other Legendary Heroes are still incredibly important to the story. Like Naofumi, each of the heroes is transported from a parallel version of Earth to the world in which the story takes place, taking on the mantle of one of the four Legendary Heroes.

Of the four Legendary Heroes we meet within the series, only one of them has any sort of magical power before they are transported out of their world, and that's Itsuki Kawasumi (voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya). Though he is originally a regular high schooler like his fellow heroes, Itsuki comes from a world in which many people are born with special powers, called "ESPers." It just so happens that Itsuki is born with the power of "Accuracy," which allows him to use ranged weapons with superhuman precision (via The Rising of the Shield Hero wiki). As such, he is chosen to wield the Legendary Bow, which allows him to channel his innate power for accuracy into a multitude of different magical abilities. 

But what exactly can he do with the Legendary Bow as one of the Legendary Heroes?

Itsuki gains additional powers from the weapons he wields

Wielding the Legendary Bow grants Itsuki the ability to use a variety of offensive skills and powers, such as his "Thunder Shoot" ability, which fires a bolt of lightning wherever he desires, and his "Shining Arrow" ability, which fires a magical arrow up into the sky, which can be controlled and multiplied into a hail of arrows. Though there are dozens of different offensive techniques that Itsuki can use through the bow, the weapon is almost useless when it comes to defense and support. The most notable utility ability that Itsuki has is the power to teleport himself and whoever he is with to any place he has been before, with the ability called "Transfer Bow."

In addition to the Legendary Bow, Itsuki has also shown an aptitude for wielding the Vassal Musical Instrument. The strange instrument normally fires ranged projectiles at random, but Itsuki's innate talent for accuracy allows him to wield it as a powerful weapon. Itsuki is able to use a variety of the Vassal Musical Instrument's abilities depending on which form it takes: he can turn it into a guitar, a piano, and even a violin, with each new form having its own specific set of powers and abilities (via The Rising of the Shield Hero wiki).

Though he is by no means the strongest of the four Legendary Heroes in "The Rising of the Shield Hero," Itsuki's innate powers and adaptability in combat certainly sets him apart from the others.