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Batman's Worse Than You Realized

If you know anything about comics, comic book movies, or pop culture in general — and you haven't been residing on a desert island for the past several decades, living off the land and befriending sweet, innocent volleyballs — then you're probably pretty familiar with Batman as a concept. Gotham's caped crusader has been a part of the pop culture landscape as long as most of us can remember, and whether your preferred Batman is Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, or even newcomer Robert Pattinson, a lot of people have a lot of opinions and memories regarding Batman. (It can be safely said, however, that George Clooney probably is nobody's favorite Batman. Sorry, George.)

That all said, if you really sit back and think about the many, many iterations of Batman throughout the years — from the small to the big screen to the comics and beyond — you might start to notice some truly weird things about this masked vigilante. Luckily, Looper's here to help, with our new video about why Batman is actually way more twisted than you might have previously realized.

Thanks to Okay, So Basically — Looper's new series on SnapChat and YouTube – no character, from Batman to Harry Potter, is safe from scrutiny as two entertainment writers try to untangle all of the strangest things about your favorite franchises and films — with plenty of cartoons included. Okay, So Basically is available on both YouTube and SnapChat and drops new episodes once a week, so keep checking in to see if your favorite movie or TV show gets "explained" next.