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The Worst Curse Of Oak Island Episodes From Season 6 According To IMDb

Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina have spent countless hours attempting to uncover the mysteries of Oak Island, a tiny patch of trees and rocky beaches just off the coast of Nova Scotia. For nine seasons, History has produced "The Curse of Oak Island," and viewers have been given an inside look at the archaeological, historical, and treasure-hunting projects the Laginas have spearheaded.

The Laginas are just the latest in a long line of treasure hunters to poke around Oak Island, and there have been almost as many theories as to what it is that is buried below as there have been searchers (via Oak Island Tours). Some believe that Shakespeare's works may be buried beneath Oak Island, and others have speculated that the elaborate system of tunnels and chambers may be hiding the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant (via Gizmodo).

While no priceless religious artifacts or Portuguese plundered gold has been pulled out of the ground yet, the Laginas and their team have made some amazing finds, including a broken Roman pilum and a gold brooch in Season 6, marking the first discovery of gold on the island. The thrilling season was well received, with IMDb reviewers giving the season's 22 episodes an average rating of just over 7.7. But not every installment was a huge hit.

Three episodes from Season 6 tie for least favorite

Three of Season 6's episodes, including the season finale, "Lost and Founding," tie for worst among IMDb reviewers, with a 7.4/10 rating. While that is certainly not bad for a low watermark, each episode has unique reasons for falling to the bottom of the barrel.

In Episode 14, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Cenote," three finds that seemed significant at first glance — pieces of bone, leather, and parchment — turn out to be ordinary slag, plant material, and rag paper. Later in the episode, a cave-in at the money pit site threatens the team's entire drilling operation. Viewers were likely disappointed by the anticlimactic artifact reveal and concerned that money pit efforts might have to be shelved.

As Season 6 came to a conclusion, "The Curse of Oak Island" rushed to finish up some storylines while introducing some extraneous ones. The penultimate episode, "Seismic Matters," includes a workers' strike, another nondescript wooden wall uncovered in Smith's Cove, and a whole lot of seismic testing — none of which makes for very interesting television.

"Lost and Founding" wraps up what had been a season full of amazing discoveries with an hour of dendrochronology results, more seismic testing, and the standard end-of-season "should we or shouldn't we continue" debate. While each of these episodes had its moments of intrigue, it's evident why viewers don't hold them in quite as high regard as their Season 6 brethren.