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The Best American Pickers Episode From Season 5 According To IMDb

If you like attending every garage sale in town, you're bound to get a kick out of History's "American Pickers."

The show involves the ultimate in garage sales where a couple of pickers turn up at people's houses, asking if they can have a look around. They'll dig through mountains of junk, all in the hope of finding that one piece of treasure that could be worth a small fortune. And amazingly, Mike Wolfe and company have managed to find some really cool stuff over the years, from vintage motorcycle parts to antique toys. 

A lot of people may glance over such objects, but pickers know better. After all, Wolfe owns a shop where he sells antiques, so he has to have a good eye for these things. And fans also have a good eye when it comes to picking out the best "American Pickers" episodes. When it comes to Season 5, one episode stands above the rest on IMDb.

Fans dug When Horses Fly

Out of the 13 episodes that make up "American Pickers" Season 5, one installment stands heads and shoulders above the others. "When Horses Fly" has the unique distinction of being the highest-rated episode from that season on IMDb with a fan ranking of 7.5/10 from 11 reviews, with a majority of those rankings being an 8.0/10 or higher. 

If you've seen the episode, you can probably tell why it's held in such high regard. It manages to cram a ton of action into a 43-minute span as Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz investigate a man-cave, check out a heavenly sign, and visit an airport-turned-auto body shop where a ton of cool, retro vehicles await them. That's a lot to cram into a single episode, but "American Pickers" manages to do so with aplomb, resulting in some major scores for Wolfe and Fritz.

The rest of Season 5 doesn't do too shabby for itself either, as multiple other episodes manage a rating of 7.0/10 or higher. But if you're browsing through your streaming app of choice, wondering which episode to check out next, you won't want to miss Season 5's "When Horses Fly."