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Diane's Powers From The Seven Deadly Sins Explained

Drawing inspiration from medieval European lore, but with a few twists, "The Seven Deadly Sins" follows the adventures of a band of eponymous knights who scatter after being branded as wanted criminals by the society they hope to save. The series begins with Elizabeth, a princess of Liones Kingdom, seeking out Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath. With his help as captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, she wishes to gather the rest of the band together under a common cause once more.

The first knight that they track down is Diane, the Serpent's Sin of Envy. Despite competing with six other main characters for attention throughout the show, Diane cannot easily be overshadowed. That's partly because, as a member of the Giant Clan, she stands 30 feet tall, effortlessly towering over her comrades. But as if being giant weren't enough of an advantage, each member of the Seven Deadly Sins possesses unique powers and weapons, and Diane thus has some more tricks up her sleeve.

Diane is rugged even for a giant

In a world filled with warriors of atypically impressive power, Diane possesses enough raw physical strength and endurance to hold her own. These stats are not reliant on Diane's stature, as evidenced during the Vaizel Fighting Festival, where she was temporarily shrunken to normal human size and still managed to summarily defeat more than ten fighters. Matrona, another giant who trains Diane, foresees her becoming the strongest of the giants. Drole, the former king of the Giant Clan, assesses Diane's potential and declares her powerful enough to be his successor.

After passing the old king's trial, Diane learns to use a technique called Drole's Dance. Diane's bond with the earth intensifies as she performs a special dance, and it directly increases her power level. The longer she dances, the stronger she becomes. Even without using Drole's Dance, Diane can lift weights at least as heavy as 2,200 pounds, a feat necessary in order to wield her weapon of choice, Gideon.

Gideon is designed for use with Diane's special power

Gideon is a massive war hammer, as tall as Diane herself. It is one of seven "Sacred Treasures" assigned to each of the Seven Deadly Sins, intended to emphasize each warrior's strengths. As Diane's sacred treasure, Gideon is uniquely suited to not only her giant size but also her connection with the earth.

This brings us to what is perhaps Diane's greatest ability: a magical power she bears known as Creation, which allows her to manipulate the earth at will. Similar to earthbenders and metalbenders from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Diane can raise the ground and warp it into various shapes, transform the ground into sand, create pseudo-sentient golems from rock, and turn her own body into metal to increase her mass.

While wielding Gideon, the power of Creation gets seriously augmented. Ground Gladius is a special move of Diane's that exhibits the combined perks of her unique weapon and magical ability. It involves smashing her war hammer into the ground and causing a gargantuan stone spike to thrust up from the earth.

All of Diane's abilities are perfectly in sync with each other, making her a versatile warrior. Allies can depend on the Serpent's Sin for not only sheer force but also greater control of the battlefield.