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Is Crusader Kings 3 Cross-Platform?

"Crusader Kings 3," the critically acclaimed PC strategy game from Paradox Interactive, is finally making its way onto Xbox Series X|S and PS5 on March 29. "Crusader Kings 3" was considered not only one of the best PC games of 2020, but one of the best games of the year, and its addition to Xbox Game Pass should bring a number of new fans to the title. In this RTS hit, players control an empire and choose how they want to rule over their kingdom, all while managing the royal family and other important figures. And if that sounds simple, it's anything but. In fact, "Crusader Kings 2" had a very low number of people 100% the game due to how many different options and events are available to the player, and "Crusader Kings 3" is in a similar boat.

Since "Crusader Kings 3" is going to be available on PC and console, players may want to know if the game will allow for cross-platform play. After all, multiplayer matches held between the game's different ecosystems and buildable worlds certainly sound like they could be an interesting addition.

Cross-play isn't the only thing mission from Crusader Kings 3 on consoles

Unfortunately, it may be some time before players on different platforms can link up in "Crusader Kings 3."

Paradox Interactive confirmed in an FAQ about "Crusader Kings 3" on Reddit that the game will not have cross-play at launch, but it may be added in the future if the community wants it. While not stated directly, part of the reason for this decision might be because the console versions of the game will be a few updates behind the PC version at launch. For instance, the console version lacks mouse and keyboard support. The game also won't have the Ruler Designer feature or console commands available when the game launches on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. However, Paradox Interactive said it hopes to catch up and begin releasing new updates and DLC simultaneously. 

"Crusader Kings 3" will also not feature cross-save support, so anyone who has been playing on PC and wants to switch over to console will have to start their kingdom from scratch. Paradox Interactive did say it's investigating mod support for consoles, but it did not confirm if the feature is officially coming in the future.