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This Is How Much The Walking Dead's Melissa McBride Is Actually Worth

"The Walking Dead" has seen tons of characters come and go over its 11-season run. Given that it's a postapocalyptic series focused on humans trying to survive in a zombie-infested world, it makes sense that many of the characters who have left have done so in a particularly gruesome and violent way. However, two characters have remained consistent since the early days of the show, one being Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), a character introduced early in Season 1.

Originally, Carol was depicted as a quiet and gentle woman with an abusive husband with whom she had a daughter. However, after their deaths and the reality of the harsh world they now reside in, Carol becomes a hardened and efficient survivor and a key member of the group. It was McBride's performance that really sold this transition for Carol, and the character become quite popular among the fan base — so popular, in fact, that AMC commissioned a spin-off series centered around her and Daryl (Norman Reedus).

Given AMC's continued faith in the character and McBride, it's hard not to wonder how much money the actor has accrued over her years on the show. With that in mind, this is how much McBride is actually worth.

Melissa McBride is worth approximately $3 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Melissa McBride is worth $3 million. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, McBride signed a deal with AMC in 2018 that included "a sizable pay bump" and would see her make $20 million over three years. So while it's believed that McBride is worth $3 million, the deals she has in place with the AMC network point to her net worth actually being significantly higher than that.

Her time on the show has really paid off, in more ways than one – with a new spin-off coming sometime after "The Walking Dead" wraps up its final season, her net worth will likely continue to climb even higher. Fans will have to wait a while for that show to materialize, however, because "The Walking Dead" still has a big batch of episodes to air before it comes to a close.