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How Ted Could Appear On How I Met Your Father According To A Fan Theory

Several years after "How I Met Your Mother" came to a close, we now have the next installment of the "Protagonist relives younger days of finding love" saga. "How I Met Your Father" also takes place in New York and follows a group of friends as they navigate the messier aspects of life and love. Only this time, our protagonist is Sophie (Hilary Duff), who's been beaten down pretty hard in life but hasn't allowed that to stop her from believing her one true love is out there. 

Sophie's a hopeless romantic, much like Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) from "HIMYM." This often gets her into trouble with her relationships because she only wants the one person out there who's going to complete her. It would make for exciting fodder to see the two meet at some point in the series. We know that's a possibility, seeing how in the Season 1 finale Sophie bumped into Robin (Cobie Smulders) at MacLaren's.

It wouldn't be out of the question for Sophie to meet Ted at some point because presumably, he's out there in New York at this time with his wife, Tracy (Cristin Milioti). The only problem is that an encounter would have to be significant. It would be rather anticlimactic to see the two characters bump randomly into one another on the street. And one fan believes they have the perfect locale where the two can muse on life.

One viewer wants to see Sophie and Ted meet at the hospital

Fans of "How I Met Your Mother" probably know that things go very bad for Ted here in the near future of this universe. In the "HIMYM" series finale, it's established that Tracy died in 2024. We know "How I Met Your Father" takes place in the present day, so for that show, it's currently 2022, which means the mother only has two more years left to live. It might be a sad way to tie Ted back into this world, but one fan thinks Ted and Sophie should meet one another while Ted's at the hospital. 

After finding a way to get Sophie inside of a hospital, Redditor u/Inevitable_Name1775 explains, "[Sophie] sits down in the waiting room of the hospital, unsure what to do, only to strike up a conversation with a man whose wife has just passed away/ is very sick at the moment. A man named... you guessed it... TED EVELYN MOSBY." It would certainly make sense and give Sophie some much-needed clarity on whatever issues she's having to where she would turn to Ted for advice.

However, not everyone is up for that scenario playing out. Another commenter writes, "If we see Tracy and Ted it should be them being happy and in love not her in the hospital!! We got enough heartbreak in season 9. We barely got to see them happy and together. If they bring them back it better be them being happy and in love." Either way, Ted knows what it's like to wait for his happily ever after, and it would be a real treat for fans to see him again. Either way, Ted's return would make for an emotional occasion.