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The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Thinks This Scene Went Too Far

AMC's "The Walking Dead" shows that surviving an apocalypse is precarious at best. Not only do people on "The Walking Dead" have to avoid mindless zombies who hunger for flesh, but also other humans. Some people may be allies, some may be enemies, and some may appear as the former and then turn out to be the latter. One thing is for certain in the world of "The Walking Dead" — trust is a precious commodity that should not be squandered or given lightly.

David Morrissey is a popular British actor that appears in the aforementioned show, as well as "Doctor Who," "The Other Boleyn Girl," and "Welcome to the Punch" (via IMDb). Acting in the villainous role of The Governor, Morrissey's character runs what appears to be a safe settlement, but his anger, instability, and secret collection of zombie heads makes him a potent adversary.

Mixing murderous intent, charisma, and power are always a sure-fire way to make a memorable antagonist, and The Governor is one of the very first major villains on "The Walking Dead." Considering the extent of the character's actions, what is one moment that Morrissey thought was a little extreme, even for the hit zombie show?

Morrissey says the execution of Hershel went too far

It turns out that the moment David Morrissey thinks is the roughest is actually one of The Governor's most iconic scenes, and it is the one in which he executes Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson). The scene is brutal, even compared to "The Walking Dead" standards, because it deals with a fan-favorite character being savagely decapitated with a curved katana sword in front of his friends and family.

Speaking at the Fandemic Tour Atlanta, Morrissey said of the scene, "We're all upset [when we're killed off]. The thing I was really upset about was killing Hershel."

Morrissey elaborated, and spoke about how the actor who played Hershel handled it by stating, "He came out [on set] and he was sort of shaking everybody's hands saying, 'We're going to make a great one, it's going to be a great episode.' And we did it, and it was really, really tough. There was a lot of tears that day. All the crew turned up in their suspenders because Hershel wore the suspenders."

Despite his bloody acts of violence on "The Walking Dead," it seems like Morrissey is actually very kind, and he enjoyed his time on the show — even if it meant playing somebody the viewers are suppose to hate. Either way, The Governor helped shape "The Walking Dead" and aided it in its popularity as a show that isn't afraid to kill main characters to advance the plot.