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Teens Court Death In Rio In Trailer For Brazilian Horror Movie Kill Me Please

A killer is on the loose in Rio, and while these teens may not be able to solve the murders, they can snark about it all night long. Trading urban legends and their suspicions with each otherthe murders have a irresistible allure to these restless youth until death strikes a little too close to home, and everything changes.

Kill Me Please, aka Mate-me, Por Favor, is the stylish debut from Brazilian director Anita Rocha da Silveira, who made a name for herself with a handful of horror shorts before helming her first feature, which she also wrote. The film shows the cast exploring their sexuality and mortality at the same time with what Variety calls in their positive review a "queasy mix of desire and fear". Stylish and confident, Kill Me Please looks like one to watch for horror fans. 

Kill Me Please makes its stateside premiere in Brooklyn, NY on September 1, with a nationwide release expected later in the fall.