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Amazon's James Bond Reality Series Is Actually Happening

After Daniel Craig concluded his 15-year run as James Bond in "No Time to Die," the actor left an empty gap in the film industry that likely won't be filled for some time. After all, people will always want a new James Bond. But while fans and filmmakers alike scramble to find a replacement actor with the correct proportions of handsome, suave, and British to fit the bill, it's uncertain what (if anything) should be done with the franchise. However, it seems that Amazon has a brand-new idea for the "James Bond" license in the form of a reality show.

The fact that Amazon — in cooperation with the recently purchased MGM — has something up its sleeves should come as no surprise. Rumors of a "James Bond" TV series have been swirling about for some time (via Digital Spy). Of all the genres, however, it seems like a reality show would be an unlikely option for such a franchise. Showing off the real world isn't really much of a priority in a super-spy franchise. However, not only is Amazon's "James Bond" reality series actually happening, but it's been happening for a long time.

The Bond reality series is four years in the making

Credit where it's due, Amazon didn't immediately sweep in to capitalize on James Bond's popularity the second it acquired MGM in 2021. While the "Bond" franchise was likely a major factor in the deal, Variety reports that the upcoming reality series, titled "007's Road to a Million," has actually been in the works for four years as of March 2022. In addition to MGM, production for "007's Road to a Million" will be handled by 72 Films, as well as Bond co-owners Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

In true reality show format, "007's Road to a Million" follows contestants as they compete in a variety of locations around the world for a massive cash prize. The locations and challenges are inspired by those seen across the many "James Bond" films, meaning that each team of two contestants will need the mental acuity and physical stamina to complete each challenge ahead of their opponents. Whichever team manages to make it to the end will receive £1 million ($1.3 million).

The series is poised to kick off production later in 2022 and will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. On top of that, casting has already begun, and fans are invited to apply for a chance to appear on the show on shortaudition.net. Unfortunately for the fanboys and girls out there, however, James Bond will not be in attendance, mostly because he isn't real.