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Why Nacho From Better Call Saul Looks So Familiar

The sixth and final season of "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul" is set to premiere on AMC on April 18, nearly two years to the day since the last episode of Season 5 was released. After waiting so long for this final season to reach our TV screens, it's certainly understandable that even some of the biggest fans of "Better Call Saul" might need a refresh on the position of some characters in the series. 

Nacho Varga, the character played by actor Michael Mando, has been in precarious positions ever since he made his debut in Season 1. Although the exact nature of his difficulties has fluctuated, Nacho can never seem to keep himself completely out of trouble. If you recognize Mando, that's because the actor has played a variety of different roles since he first got started in the business back in 2009 (via IMDb). 

While the actor first appeared in a number of one-and-done, guest-star roles such as characters in "Flashpoint," "Lost Girl," "Psych," and "The Killing," it didn't take long for big wigs in Hollywood to take notice of the actor's talent (via IMDb). Here's a quick look at some of Mando's other best-known roles.

Far Cry fans know Michael Mando better as Vaas Montenegro

Video game fans most likely recognize Mando from his role in the "Far Cry" video game series, in which the actor lends his voice and likeness to a character named Vaas Montenegro.

Although Montenegro is one of the more brutal villains in the series, he quickly became a fan favorite after making his debut in 2012's "Far Cry 3" (via TechRadar). In fact, even people who have never played a single "Far Cry" game in their lives may recognize Mando from this role. He was prominently featured in much of the marketing material for the third entry in the series, appearing front and center in numerous video advertisements and posters (via YouTube).

In the years since, Mando has also reprised this role in a 2012 TV miniseries titled "The Far Cry Experience" and 2021's "Far Cry 6" (via IMDb). Of course, Mando isn't the only "Better Call Saul" actor to appear in the "Far Cry" video game franchise. Giancarlo Esposito, the actor responsible for bringing the infamous Gustavo Fring to life, also appeared in "Far Cry 6" as Antón Castillo (via IMDb).

Mando played Victor in two seasons of Orphan Black

One of Mando's first recurring roles in television came courtesy of the 2013 Canadian television series "Orphan Black." The series focuses on the trial and tribulations of a group of clones, who only become aware of each other's existence in adulthood. In the series, Mando portrays Victor Schmidt, a drug dealer who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of protagonist Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), the central clone of the show. Because of Victor's abusive and volatile nature, Sarah uses the opportunity provided by the death of a clone to fake her own suicide.

Unfortunately, despite the wicked way that he treated her in life, Victor is legitimately distraught at news of her passing. Although Sarah and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) continually work to dissuade him from seeking a relationship with Sarah's surviving daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler), he eventually puts the pieces together, not only figuring out that Sarah is still alive, but also discovering a number of her clones in the process. Victor makes his final appearance onscreen in Season 2, Episode 9 ("Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done"), before making a rather abrupt departure from the series (via IMDb). Although he only appeared in the first two seasons of the series, Mando nonetheless made his mark as an important character. 

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He played Scorpion in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Of course, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony's Spider-Man Universe should instantly recognize Mando for his role as Mac Gargan (aka Scorpion) in 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Although Scorpion is far from the central villain in that film, the character's introduction is certainly noteworthy in the early crime-fighting days of Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) (Tom Holland).

Spider-Man first encounters Gargan on board the Staten Island Ferry. Karen, the artificial intelligence in Spider-Man's suit, quickly identifies him as a criminal with an extensive record, including at least one count of homicide. True to his comic book character, Gargan sports a sizable scorpion tattoo on his neck. While Spider-Man is able to quickly incapacitate Gargan, he notably has more trouble with the other combatants in this fight. Just as Adrian Toomes (aka Vulture) (Michael Keaton) initiates a fight with Spider-Man and several helpless special agents of the FBI, Gargan is knocked into the water and, for a time, presumed dead.

However, it is later revealed that Gargan ultimately survived this encounter, only to be later arrested by the FBI. He briefly returns onscreen in a mid-credits scene with Vulture, in which Gargan pleads for information on the identity of Spider-Man. Fortunately for Spider-Man, Vulture decides to keep that information to himself (although we have to imagine he got a good laugh out of it in "Spider-Man: No Way Home"). We haven't seen Gargan in a "Spider-Man" movie since, but it seems safe to assume that he's lurking around somewhere.