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Channel Zero: No-End House Trailer Promises A Labyrinth Of Nightmare Fuel

Syfy is ready to crack your mind wide open once again when its surreal anthology horror series Channel Zero returns with a new installment, No-End House, this fall.

With the premise of a haunted house that invades the minds of the people who dare enter it, No-End House is the second six-episode series of Channel Zero, which premiered in 2016 with a first story called Candle Cove

With each season of the show based on modern online horror myths, often called creepypastas, the first season explored the mystery of a cursed television show for children that held horrific repercussions for its viewers. Two more seasons of the show, subtitled Staircase and Hidden Door, have also been announced for release in 2018 and 2019.

No-End House premieres on Syfy on Sept. 20. Check out the trailer for the disturbing new season above and start looking forward to the films on our list of horror movies that will blow everyone away in 2018.