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The Best Fox Comedy Drama Series That Only Lasted One Season According To Fans

While some shows seem to go on for way too many seasons, there are also shows that were cut way too short. Unfortunately, we'll never see what becomes of the teens of "Freaks and Geeks" post-Season 1. Does Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) get caught for ditching the academic summit to follow the Grateful Dead on tour? Does Daniel (James Franco) actually become friends with the geeks? Nor will we ever find out whether or not the relationship between Angela and Jordan works out in "My So-Called Life."

Other notable shows that never made it past Season 1 include the space Western drama "Firefly," the Niagara Falls-set dramedy "Wonderfalls," the Amy Sherman-Palladino series "Bunheads," the Netflix '70s-set musical drama "The Get Down," and the sports drama "Pitch." In most cases, shows are canceled due to low ratings, but that doesn't stop many of them from acquiring their own cult followings over the years, prompting fans to rewatch the few episodes they do have.

While all of the shows listed above have one major thing in common — only making it to one season — a few of them have one other key thing in common: their network. "Pitch," "Firefly" and "Wonderfalls" all aired on Fox, and one of these shows happens to be thought of by fans as the best show canceled too soon.

So, which one is it?

Fans think Wonderfalls is the best show canceled too soon

On Reddit, one TV watcher started a discussion asking what people thought was the best show to have only lasted one season that is "not named 'Firefly." One fan, u/Truthisnotallowed, brought up that one of the executive producers of "Firefly," Tim Minear, went on to produce a couple of other shows that only lasted one season, "Wonderfalls" and "Terriers." 

While other commenters expressed interest in both shows, as well as other, unrelated one-season wonders, it's "Wonderfalls" — the dramedy about a recent college grad working a dreary job in a Niagara Falls gift shop who talks to various animal figurines in the store — that garnered the most attention by Redditors in this thread. Expressing their pure love of the show, u/thatfluffycloud wrote, "'Wonderfalls' is one of my all time faves. Such a shame it's so unknown!" In agreement, u/bloodredyouth, wrote, "YES! Another 'Wonderfalls' fan! the show was so so good and hilarious," then pointed out that it features a "young Lee Pace."

Another fan was prompted to revisit the beloved show — u/charlesdexterward exclaimed, "I still have my 'Wonderfalls' DVD! It's been a long time but I might need to bust it out soon. Such a great show." Another fan, u/originalchaosinabox, brought up why "Wonderfalls" is superior to another short-lived show, writing, "Was coming to say 'Wonderfalls.' 'Pushing Daisies' always gets mentioned, but doesn't count here as it lasted two seasons. But Wonderfalls is from the same creator, and has a similar feel, albeit more grounded."

According to these fans, it may be time to seek out "Wonderfalls" if you haven't already.