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The Game Of Thrones Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The night might be dark and full of terrors, but it also allows us to see the stars. Those who put their faith in astrology believe these celestial lights offer perspective on human development and social interaction, organized according to the signs of the zodiac. Knowing what it means to be a Taurus, an Aries, or a Scorpio brings genuine insight into many people's lives — though the stars aren't always kind in their estimation of humanity.

"Game of Thrones" fans are no strangers to unseemly characters. In fact, many of this HBO epic's most prominent characters represent the zodiac at its most craven and venal, and face brutal ends. But not everyone in Westeros is a bad guy — some of these fictional figures are altruistic, kind, and outright heroic. Plenty more combine good and evil traits. Like the zodiac, this series presents a rich tapestry of personalities that encompasses the vast scope of the human experience. That's why we've decided to combine them. Which "Game of Thrones" character are you, according to your zodiac sign? Jon Snow may know nothing, but we have the answers.

Aries: Brienne of Tarth

Aries folks are pioneers who blaze new paths for others to follow. They have an innate ability — whether they like it or not — to command attention: When they walk into a room, you know it. Aries are also loyal to a fault, and undaunted. When they set out to accomplish something, that thing gets done, no matter what the personal cost might be. 

As the first woman to be knighted in the Seven Kingdoms, Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) breaks every mold. In so doing, she sets a new standard for honoring one's word in a world where liars and manipulators often seem like the only people winning. From protecting royalty to guarding innocent peasants, Brienne performs her duties without complaint. Her rare failures inspire intense self-flagellation — the hallmark of an Aries who is unable to keep their word.

In matters of the heart, Aries are as dedicated to the ones they love as they are to their goals. We see this in the fierce love Brienne musters first for Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony) and later for Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), even after he chooses another. As an Aries knight, Brienne will never give up, and is ever-willing to lay down her life to protect others. Westeros is lucky to have her.

Taurus: Davos Seaworth

Ser Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham), the so-called onion knight, is Westeros' resident Taurus. Taurus is a charismatic sign known for its reliability and honesty. Yes, Davos starts out as a smuggler, but through hard work, kindness, and clear thinking, he becomes one of the most trusted characters on the entire show. Taurus folks are further distinguished by their warm, loving, and patient personalities.  We see these qualities again and again in Davos: He serves as a compassionate voice of reason amid would-be mass murderers, religious fanatics, and sundry other ruthless killers. 

Taurus types are also known for their practical pursual of new skills. Davos exemplifies this when he learns to read through a long and humbling process facilitated by Shireen Baratheon (Kerry Ingram). Once he adds this new tool to his kit, he becomes veritably — but quietly — unstoppable. But Taurus isn't all fortitude and sunshine — if you cross them, these folks will explode with terrifying rage, as we see when Davos discovers Shireen has been sacrificed in the name of dark magic. Stannis (Stephen Dillane) learns the hard way that Taurus is not to be trifled with when Davos removes himself as counsel, leaving them to their doom.

Gemini: Arya Stark

Gemini is marked by duality. These people feel a painful pull between their intellect and their emotions — finding balance is often their life's work. Geminis are also natural shapeshifters, who adapt willingly to new situations and go through many stages of metamorphosis over the course of their lives. We see this again and again in Arya Stark's (Maisie Williams) character arc, as well as the sign's desire for change and excitement — recall Arya going mad when forced to sit quietly and sew with her sister Sansa (Sophie Turner) in Season 1.

When Arya's world gets turned upside down after the murder of her father Ned Stark (Sean Bean), she uses every ounce of Gemini shrewdness and cunning to carve a new path in the world. Arya eventually becomes an ultimate Gemini as a Faceless Man, a specially trained warrior who can literally don and discard the faces of people she has killed. But unlike other killers, Arya only dispatches those who deserve justice for their crimes. As Arya tells Sansa, "The world doesn't just let girls decide what they want to be. But I can now." This statement tidily encapsulates Gemini's penchant for transformation.

Cancer: Sansa Stark

Cancers are sensitive homebodies, for whom nothing is more important than family. This sign is also notably self-contained, with vast reserves of emotional strength. But on the flip side, all these big feelings can make Cancer moody and erratic, as well as prone to cruel streaks if they've been pushed too far.

In so many ways, Sansa Stark is the quintessential Cancer. From the very beginning, she does everything a lady is supposed to do in order to marry well and have a big, royal family. Of course, that doesn't work out — but Sansa never loses sight of the importance of one's kin.  "When the snows fall and the white winds blow," she intones, as her father did before her, "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." This motto works for all Cancers, who are at their strongest when surrounded by loved ones. 

Unfortunately for Sansa, she is exploited time and again by many vile characters who see her as nothing more than a pawn. This is hardly an uncommon hardship for Cancers, who are often taken advantage of. But eventually, Sansa realizes she doesn't need to marry to become queen, and that the family she's always wished for has been with her all along — she just has to accept her place among them. That's a Cancer arc if ever there was one.

Leo: Jon Snow

Leos are organized, dogmatic, and take to leadership like a crow to the Night's Watch. They also can't help but become the center of attention: This charismatic sign draws people to them without even trying. In their most positive incarnations, they'll often sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) embodies these traits, to the point that he even briefly dies for attempting to unite humanity on both sides of the Wall.

Leos aren't just attention-grabbers, though — there is a well of sensitivity hidden underneath their bright exterior, and sometimes even low self-esteem that inspires deep, dark doubts about their own self-worth. Jon's inner intensity springs from his complex childhood, which allows him to understand multiple points of view. Though this struggle is thorny, it's worthwhile — if you need someone to take charge and make the tough decisions, you turn to a Leo. Only someone born under this sign could handle the events of the final season with the grace Jon Snow musters.

Virgo: Samwell Tarly

Virgos are detail-oriented planners who examine both the long and short-term ramifications of their decisions. But this ability to unpack the nuances of every decision also makes Virgo the worrier of the zodiac: They're just too aware of all the things that could possibly go wrong. This is Samwell Tarly's (John Bradley) struggle. Anxiety has gotten the best of him at the worst possible times, including a run-in with a White Walker.

Luckily, Virgos are hardworking, practical, and make excellent researchers — traits that help Sam become a maester. From arduous journeys across land, mountain, and ice, to the nasty work of cleaning bedpans and tending the ill during his training at the Citadel, Sam's intelligence and fortitude take him far. He's still prone to self-deprecating jokes, however, as many Virgos are. This humor is often used as a defense, but if they make good friends, they can lay it aside for good. Through his friendship with Jon Snow and his romantic relationship with Gilly (Hannah Murray), Sam eventually settles into himself and becomes a strong, smart, compassionate figure to be reckoned with.

Libra: Missandei

Libras weigh all sides of a situation equally, without necessarily taking a stance on any of them. They're also uniquely calm in the face of danger.  Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) is a classic example. Who could forget her careful translation of Kraznys' (Dan Hildebrand) offensive statements as he negotiates with Daenerys? Or when she corrects Tyrion Lannister's interpretation of prophecy, by pointing out that a prince or princess has been promised to the people? Though her allegiance is with Daenerys, Missandei is empowered by truth and knowledge about all things — basically, what Libras value most.

Despite their knowledge of the world, Libras still see things through rose-colored glasses — especially when it comes to romance. But this isn't a bad thing, necessarily. Missandei fully comes into her own after she falls in love with Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson): We see her inner strength bloom, and her desire for a peaceful future take specific shape. It makes her untimely death at the hands of Cersei Lannister all the more tragic.

Scorpio: Yara Greyjoy

Known for their overwhelming charisma, Scorpios are forces to be reckoned with, even when they aren't accomplished sea captains and would-be rulers of the Iron Islands like Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan). Scorpios use every ounce of power and influence available to them to get what they want, when they want it. Unsurprisingly, they often get it.

If you cross a Scorpio, there is hell to pay, which we see several iterations of in Yara's character arc. First, we witness her all-encompassing rage at her estranged brother Theon when he returns home after so many decades in the Stark family fold. Even though he never wanted to leave his own family, Yara still holds him accountable — until she finds out he's been tortured and taken prisoner by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon). In this moment, Yara's Scorpio pride and loyalty rise, and she vows revenge on those who hurt her brother. "I'm going to find out who did this," she swears. "I'm going to feed them to the sharks while they live. I swear it by the Salt Throne." There's really no substitute for a Scorpio revenge scheme, and Yara sees hers through as far as she can.

Sagittarius: Tyrion Lannister

Sagittarius is always on the lookout for their next big adventure — sometimes while they're still in the middle of another one. This zodiac sign is marked by an insatiable curiosity that needs multiple outlets, from reading to traveling to simply listening to a stranger's life story. Easily bored, Sagittarius thrives on change and finds themselves in their element when they have no clue what's around the corner. This perfectly sums up the personality of one Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). As he famously puts it, "I drink and I know things. While the first part of this statement may not apply to all Sagittarians, the second part most certainly does — this sign makes a habit of always getting an education, whatever context that education might arrive within. 

One of the few things Sagittarius simply cannot tolerate, however, is claustrophobic conditions, either in a windowless room or a relationship that doesn't give them space to breathe. This is a constant struggle for Tyrion: He's thrown in the dungeon under suspicion of murdering his nephew, put in a box to escape his death sentence for a crime he didn't commit, and otherwise hemmed in by the world's ill treatment of him. Yet his inimitably Sagittarian lust for life sees him bounce back time and time again. He survives all the way to the end, only slightly worse for the wear.

Capricorn: Grey Worm

"I was never the biggest, never the strongest, but I was bravest, always," Grey Worm tells Missandei. This encapsulates the heart of a Capricorn in so many ways. Represented by the hardy goat, Capricorns will find a way to get back up, no matter how many times you knock them down. They are also patient and determined, and have a great deal of self-discipline. This is a sign that does not believe in handouts, and encourages everyone around them to fight for what they want in the same way. When Grey Worm says, "No one can give you your freedom, brothers. If you want it, you must take it," it's a Capricorn call to arms.

Capricorn also has a rather dark sense of humor, which we see emerge in Grey Worm as he becomes more comfortable with his freedom and new roles as one of the Dragon Queen's most trusted advisors and the head of her army. In matters of the heart, a Capricorn needs a lot of reassurance that they are worthy of being loved and that they can shed their ambition for a moment to simply enjoy being with another person. Missandei's Libra energy is more than able to do this for Grey Worm, if only for a brief while.

Aquarius: Varys

Aquarius is an eccentric sign, whose quirkiness is apparent not just in their behavior, but also in their presentation. But these attention-grabbing details aren't the most important thing: Aquarius is defined by their spiritual, social, and cultural connections with humanity at large. This sign is the humanist of the zodiac, who often sacrifices themselves for the good of all. 

"You wish to know where my true loyalties lie?" Lord Varys asks Daenerys Targaryen, exemplifying this trait. "Not with any king or queen, but with the people." Indeed, Varys serves under virtually every Westerosi ruler who makes an appearance on "Game of Thrones." What sets him apart from most characters of his station is his ironclad interest in how the lords' actions affect the commonest folks.

In spite of their innate humanism, however, Aquarians aren't all that into relationships, and often value their independence more than romantic interludes. For Varys, some of this disinterest is the result of the horrific trauma he survived in childhood. But also, he quite simply has better things to do than fall in love. "Power resides where men believe it resides," he pronounces. "It's a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow." He certainly proves this true before his time on the series comes to an end.

Pisces: Bran Stark

Pisces is a repository of great sensitivity, creativity, and intuition. Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) doesn't necessarily begin "Game of Thrones" with Pisces energy, but over the course of his character arc, he transforms into the otherworldly Three-Eyed Raven. In so doing, he basically becomes the embodiment of this sign.

Pisceans are often drawn to spiritual and religious paths because of their extreme empathy and compassion for others. By the end of the series, Bran essentially sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity's future. Of the Night King, Bran says, "He wants to erase this world, and I am its memory." An emotionally connected Pisces is indeed marked by their understanding of the world around them — though it's not usually as literal as becoming the collective consciousness of an entire continent.

This sensitivity to the environment takes a hard toll on Pisces, sometimes causing flares of rage and frustration as they struggle to balance everything they feel. Luckily, their keen insight guides them out of the thicket — just as Bran learns to "fly" after losing the ability to walk.